3 Mar 2002                   

       Husband: Frank Henry RUSS  Census name Francis Henry Russ   died at age: 41 
          Born: 1847                   
          Died: 6 Dec 1888           at 35 Newark Drive Pollokshields Glasgow  1,2
     Emigrated: 1862                 to London with elder brother CCGR  
         Event:                      author of "Skins and Furs"  3
        Census: 1881                 at St Vincent Villa Ventnor IOW  4
Cause of death:                      Disease of Liver; congestion of lungs  5
    Occupation:                      cutter in London  6
    Occupation: 1878                 Furrier in Buchanan St Glasgow  7,8
    Occupation: 1883                 Furrier at 132 Princes St Edinburgh  
        Father: Christian Karl Gottfried RUSS 
        Mother: Frederika Wilhelmina RUDIGER  

MJH: [Oct 01]This is our current surmise. It provides a link to the Glasgow/Edinburgh 
furriers Russ & Winkler - who are real. But it means that CCGR came to Scotland 
with his brother NOT his cousin - vide DK p10. Then - did FHR also have a son 
Frank, who went to the USA - New York, working as a furrier and making a fortune 
- vide ABR p235 and Uncle Will's funeral note: 1881 Census gives us a Frank H 
Russ for this potential family. Link to Alfred Rudiger Russ is also speculative 
at this stage! 
[Feb 02] Tracing legatees under the will of Louie Burton Russ has produced a family 
tree for Frank Henry Russ, which confirms these assumptions. 

          Wife: Mercy Ann BURTON  Other name Mercy Anne BUNKER   died at age: 67 
       Married: 13 Feb 1870          in London  9
Resided (family): 1881               at Auchindale Lenzie Rd Dumbarton  10
Resided (family): 1885               at The Crescent 3 Leslie Road Pollokshields  11
          Born: 1845                 in England  12
          Died: 1912                 in Pollokshields Glasgow  5
       Resided: 1891                 at 35 Newark Drive Pollokshields Glasgow  
         Event: 30 Mar 1901          not shown at 35 Newark Drive Glasgow  13
        Father: John BURTON  
        Mother: Sarah UNKNOWN 

MJH: [Dec 01] Mercy Ann Bunker is the name shown in the manuscript section of a BDR/CSF family
tree.  The 1881 Census has Mary Ann Russ, furrier's wife.  It is assumed - at this stage - she is the 
wife of F H Russ, who was away from home at the time of the Census.
[Feb 02] Details confirmed from several sources

     F Child 1: Ada Pauline RUSS  Census name Ada B Russ   died at age: 61 
          Born: 1870                 in England  14
          Died: 1931                   
         Event: 10 Dec 1888          in Glasgow - notified death of father at 35 Newark Drive Pollokshields  15
        Spouse: Stewart LAWRIE  b. 1859  d. 1931  
     F Child 2: Annie L R RUSS  died at age: 82 
          Born: 1872                 in England  16
          Died: 1954                   
       Resided: 1882                 with Mr & Mrs Robb  17
        Spouse: John CALDERWOOD  
     F Child 3: Jessie A RUSS  died at age: 80 
          Born: 1874                 in England  14
          Died: 1954                   
        Spouse: David SCOTT  
     F Child 4: Gertrude RUSS  died at age: 59 
          Born: 1876                 in England  14
          Died: 1935                   
        Census: 30 Mar 1901          at 35 Newark Drive Kinning Park Glasgow  18
        Spouse: Andrew ANDERSON  
     F Child 5: Augustina Elizabeth RUSS  died at age: 71 
          Born: 3 Jul 1878           at 219 Byres Road Partick  19,20
          Died: 1950                   
        Census: 30 Mar 1901          at 35 Newark Drive Kinning Park Glasgow  21
        Spouse: John STEWART  Also known as Jack   b. 1876  d. 1943  
     M Child 6: Frank H RUSS II  died at age: 86 
          Born: 15 Nov 1879          in Lenzie Dumbarton  14,22
          Died: Jan 1966             in Saranac Lake NY  23
     Emigrated: 1901                 to New York City  24
    Occupation:  - 1901 furrier in his father's business in Glasgow  
    Occupation: c 1935               furrier business in Saranac Lake NY closed  25
        Spouse: Mae Virginia POLGLASE  b. 1882  d. 1916  
       Married: 1907                   
        Spouse: Doris RODWELL  
       Married: 1918                   
     F Child 7: Mercy RUSS  Other name Mercy Anne   died at age: 0 
          Born: 18 Jan 1881          at Auchindale Lenzie Kirkintilloch  26
          Died: 27 Jan 1881          at Auchindale Lenzie Kirkintilloch  27
Cause of death:                      General weakness of vital organs from premature birth  28
     M Child 8: Alfred Rudiger RUSS  
          Born: 18 May 1885          at The Crescent 3 Leslie Road Pollokshields  29,30
     Graduated:                      trained and apprenticed in Glasgow as accountant  31
          Died: ?                      
        Census: 30 Mar 1901          at 35 Newark Drive Kinning Park Glasgow  21
    Occupation:                      Chartered accountant  
        Spouse: Hilda PARKER  
       Married: 7 Nov 1914             32

(1) Newspaper, 'SCOTLAND OF TODAY & Edinburgh its capital'  1890  
Mr. F. H. Russ died in December, 1888. 
(2) Certified Copy of Death Certificate, Frank Henry Russ - Manufacturing Furrier 
(married to Mercy Ann Burton) died at 9:35 pm at 35 Newark Drive, Pollockshields 
aged 41.  Father: Christian Karl Gottfried Russ - Manufacturing Furrier 
(deceased)  Mother: Fredericka Wilhelmina Sophie Russ - maiden name von Rudiger 
(deceased). Informant - Ada Russ daughter [residing at 35 Newark Drive] 
(3) R Russ Winkler, Furs and Furriery, (MacNiven & Wallace, 1899), 'The late 
F.H. Russ of Glasgow, in his work on "Skins and Furs", and speaking from his own 
experience, says: "The training of German youths to the trade is very severe and 
trying, and embraces every branch of the art - dressing, dyeing, cleaning, 
cutting, sewing, lining, beating, preserving from moths, and also the selling of 
the goods; thus there is laid a solid foundation, not only of complete practical 
knowledge of the trade, but also of commercial intercourse."  The Germans are 
quick workers, and they supply the demand for workmen from France, Great Britain 
and America; in fact, practical furriery in the British Isles is almost 
exclusively in the hands of German furriers residing in Britain.  Englishmen 
generally look upon the work as unhealthy, an opinion which fur-workers 
themselves do not share', 8. 
(4) Census 1881, Frank H REUSS married age 33 Birthplace Saxony.  Head of 
household - manufacturing furrier, MJH: surmise - he was convalescent. 
(5) Certified Copy of Death Certificate. 
(6) Newspaper, 'SCOTLAND OF TODAY & Edinburgh its capital'  1890 
F. H. Russ, The Manufacturing Furrier, 132, Princes Street, Edinburgh. 
One of the largest and most influential houses in Scotland extensively engaged 
in the fur industry is undoubtedly that of Mr. F. H. Russ. The business was 
established about twelve years ago in Glasgow by the above-named gentleman, and 
so successful were the operations in that city that Mr. Russ opened the Edinburgh 
establishment about five years since. The premises are admirably situated for a 
high-class business like this, and comprise a large and handsome shop with very 
fine plate-glass frontage, also a spacious showroom above, together with extensive 
warehouse accommodation, well appointed work-rooms, and every convenience for the 
effective and economical working of the business. The beautiful windows contain a 
splendid display of rich and rare furs, both in the skin and in made-up, and form 
a prominent and attractive feature of this noble thoroughfare. The interior of both 
shop and showrooms is fitted up in excellent keeping with the high tone of the 
establishment. The firm are strictly manufacturers, not merely dealers in furs. 
The late Mr. Russ, it may be noted, was one of the very finest cutters out of London, 
and in every sense of the word a thoroughly practical man: at the present the firm 
have several of the best cutters in the country, initiated by Mr. Russ. It would be 
difficult within the limits of the present article to enumerate the various kinds 
of furs composing this large and valuable stock, there being in fact specimens of 
every kind of fur known to the trade and from every part of the globe. It is 
interesting, however, to note a few of the more prominent, as Alaska seal, skunk, 
sable, sable and marten tails, red, cross, silver, white and grey fox, mink, 
chinchilla, beaver, otter, squirrel, bear, musquash, &c., of which many splendid 
specimens are on view; also ladies' cloaks, paletôts, hats, travelling caps. muffs, 
carriage rugs, hearth rugs, boas, gloves, jackets, visites, dolmans, capes, 
gentlemen's fur-lined coats, driving cloaks, &c., beautifully made of the above 
and other furs and cut in the most fashionable styles. Alaska sealskin, the most 
durable and only profitable of all sealskins, forms a speciality of the firm, 
having for years been made a special study. It is acknowledged that for style, 
cut, fit, beauty of workmanship, no less than for superiority of value, the 
productions of this firm cannot be equalled by any other in the country, and it 
is interesting to note that besides the large and costly stock of Alaska seals - 
the only kind used in this establishment - ladies are shown some specimens of 
inferior sorts of seals kept for inspection, of which sorts, it is believed, 
hundreds are every year foisted upon an ignorant public by unscrupulous dealers 
as the real Alaska seal. The business is now in possession of and under the able 
and energetic management of Mr. Richard Winkler, nephew to the late Mr. Russ, who 
possesses the advantage of long and thorough practical experience and many special 
qualifications for this many-sided trade. 
Mr. F. H. Russ died in December, 1888. The firm have many customers in America 
and other parts abroad; they also number among their patrons many of the nobility 
and aristocracy, as well as the leading members of fashionable society in Edinburgh 
and the district.
(7) R Russ Winkler, Furs and Furriery, (MacNiven & Wallace, 1899), 'he must 
gratefully acknowledge his indebtedness to his uncle, the late Mr F.H. Russ of 
Glasgow', Preface. 
(8) Ind, FG: to Glasgow to  Buchanan St - the street for fashion. 
(9) Certified Copy, Evidence from birth certificates of children. 
(10) Census 1881, Dwelling:	Auchindale    Lenzie Rd  
Census Place: Kirkintilloch, Dumbarton, Scotland 
Source:	FHL Film 0203550    GRO Ref   Volume 498   EnumDist 13   Page 5 
	Marr	Age	Sex	Birthplace 
Mary Ann RUSS	M	36 	F	England 
	Rel:	Wife (Head) 
	Occ:	Furriers Wife 
Ada B. RUSS	U	10 	F	England 
	Rel:	Daur 
	Occ:	Scholar 
Jessie A. RUSS	U	6 	F	England 
	Rel:	Daur 
	Occ:	Scholar 
Angaline E. RUSS	U	2 	F	Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland 
	Rel:	Daur 
Gertrude RUSS	U	4 	F	England 
	Rel:	Daur 
Frank H. RUSS	U	1 	M	Lenzie, Dunbarton, Scotland 
	Rel:	Son 
Jane M. COCHRAN	U	50 	F	Paisley, Renfrew, Scotland
	Rel:	Serv
	Occ:	Sick 
Charlot A. WOTHERSPOON	U	22 	F	England 
	Rel:	Serv 
	Occ:	Nurse 
Mary MC DONALD	U	18 	F	Ruilick, Inverness, Scotland 
	Rel:	Serv 
	Occ:	Table Maid 
Neighbours in Lenzie Road - two houses empty and one still building: this 
suggests Lenzie Road was a new development in 1881 
Monkland Cottage	Henry Hendry	Mason's labourer
Sunnyknowe	Mary McLean	House proprietor 
Whitcomb Villa	Alexander Campbell	Writer - inspector of poor 
Pomoma Villa	Donald McQuarrie	Rector Lenzie Academy 
Woodlands Lodge	William Hudson	Domestic gardener 
Inglebank	Isabella Howell	House furnisher's wife 
Post Office Bldgs	Alexander Baird	Merchant 
Glenalmond Cottage	William Page	Agent Trimming manufacturer

Frank Henry Russ is not present - and his wife is shown as Head of household.  We know he was at 
Ventnor in the Isle of Wight, probably in a TB sanitorium. 
(11) Certified Copy, from birth certificate of Alfred Rudiger Russ. 
(12) Census 1881, by subtraction. 
(13) Census 1901, Mercy Ann Russ and her children Ada, Jessie and Frank are not 
shown at this address on Census Day. 
(14) Census 1881. 
(15) Census 1881, Ada Russ daughter present, Implication therefore that she also 
lived at 35 Newark Drive Pollokshields in 1888.  She was 17 at the time - so why 
was she accepted as the informant?  Not because her mother had died - FHR is 
shown as 'Married' not 'Widower'. 
(16) Census 1891. 
(17) Individual, Ind, Letter from Frank Henry Russ to 'My darling little Anne', 
see ../texts/fhranne.txt. 
(18) Census 1901, Gertrude C Russ daur single age 24 
Augustine E daur single 22 
Alfred R son age 15 scholar 
Margaret Barry servant single age 21 born Dalrymple Ayrshire

House had 13 rooms with one or more window. 
(19) Certified Copy, at 9h 30m pm to Francis Henry Russ furrier and Mercy Ann Russ 
MS Burton marreid 1870 February 13th London.  Birth informant Mercy Ann Russ. 
(20) Census 1881, Census entry has her name as Angaline E Russ. 
(21) Census 1901. 
(22) Individual, Ind, Dr F H Russ III. 
(23) Individual, Ind, Dr F H Russ III. 
(24) Ind, FHR III: FHR II studied the furrier trade under his father's firm in 
Glasgow.  It is uncertain why he decided to emigrate to the west but did so in 
1901.  He arrived in New York City with the intention of going on either to 
Toronto or what is now Tulsa Oklahoma.  However he never made it to either of 
theose cities.  He went to work as a furrier in the city. He met [his wife] who 
resided in Brooklyn but was from Cornwall and they married in about 1907. 
(25) Ind, FHR III: FHR II and then his wife both contracted TB.  Saranac Lake NY 
was widely known as a tubercular treatment center.  There were many facilities, 
or 'fresh air camps', located there with many doctors specialising in the 
treatment of TB.  Frank Russ II moved with his wife to this area to take 
advantage of the treatment facilities.  Frank II opened  up a furrier business 
in Saranac Lake.  Located about 12 miles from Lake Placid NY, both communities 
were considered 'resort' towns and many rich and famous persons vacationed there 
and owned magnificent second residences in the towns.  Frank II's furrier 
business was quite successful, shipping his products from Saranac all over the 
US.  His clientele included such luminaries as John Jacob Astor and Ernest 
Hemingway.  However in about 1934 the depression literally ruined the business 
and he ceased the business in the mid 30's. 
(26) Certified Copy, at 4h 0m pm to Frank Henry Russ furrier and Mercy Ann Russ MS 
Burton.  Informant F H Russ, registered at the same time as her death. 
(27) Certified Copy, at 3h 0m am informant F H Russ. 
(28) Certified Copy. 
(29) Certified Copy, at 6h 45m pm to Frank Henry Russ Manufacturing furrier and 
Mercy Ann Russ MS Burton.  Informant F H Russ. 
(30) Census 1891, 35 Newark Drive Pollokshields - Alfred R Russ age 5 born Lanark 
(31) Individual, Ind, information from Ann Turner, for whose father's wedding ARR 
was best man in 1913. 
(32) Individual, Ind, Legacy from LB Russ to Patricia van Binsbergen-Meynell "gold 
weding ring that belonged to my mother inscribed on the inside ARR - HP 7th Nov 

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