3 Mar 2002                   

       Husband: Frank H RUSS II  died at age: 86 
          Born: 15 Nov 1879          in Lenzie Dumbarton  1,2
          Died: Jan 1966             in Saranac Lake NY  3
     Emigrated: 1901                 to New York City  4
    Occupation:  - 1901 furrier in his father's business in Glasgow  
    Occupation: c 1935               furrier business in Saranac Lake NY closed  5
        Father: Frank Henry RUSS 
        Mother: Mercy Ann BURTON 
Other Spouse 2

          Wife: Mae Virginia POLGLASE  died at age: 34 
       Married: 1907                   
          Born: 1882                 in Cornwall  
          Died: 1916                   
Cause of death:                      tuberculosis  

     M Child 1: Frank Henry RUSS III  age: 89 
          Born: 12 Jun 1912          in Saranac Lake NY  
     Graduated:                      Colgate University  
     Graduated:                      Medical College McGill University Canada  
       Resided: ? - 1997 in Champaign IL  
       Resided: 1997                 in Savoy IL  
    Occupation: 1943                 resident surgeon at John Hopkins Medical Center  
    Occupation:                      Neurosurgeon Mayo Clinic Rochester Maine  
   Description:                      amateur radio enthusiast call sign WB9CRA  
        Spouse: Arrah Wanna SINGLETON  Nickname Airy   b. 1911  d. 1999  
       Married: 1943                   

(1) Census 1881. 
(2) Individual, Ind, Dr FH Russ III. 
(3) Individual, Ind, Dr F H Russ III. 
(4) Ind, FHR III: FHR II studied the furrier trade under his father's firm in 
Glasgow.  It is uncertain why he decided to emigrate to the west but did so in 
1901.  He arrived in New YOurk City with the intention of going on either to 
Toronto or what is now Tulsa Oklahoma.  However he never made it to either of 
those cities.  He went to work as a furrier in the city. He met [his wife] who 
resided in Brooklyn but was from Cornwall and they married in about 1907. 
(5) Ind, FHR III: FHR II and then his wife both contracted TB.  Saranac Lake NY 
was widely known as a tubercular treatment center.  There were many facilities, 
or 'fresh air camps', located there with many doctors specialising in the 
treatment of TB.  Frank Russ II moved with his wife to this area to take 
advantage of the treatment facilities.  Frank II opened up a furrier business 
in Saranac Lake.  Located about 12 miles from Lake Placid NY, both communities 
were considered 'resort' towns and many rich and famous persons vacationed there 
and owned magnificent second residences in the towns.  Frank II's furrier 
business was quite successful, shipping his products from Saranac all over the 
US.  His clientele included such luminaries as John Jacob Astor and Ernest 
Hemingway.  However in about 1934 the depression literally ruined the business 
and he ceased the business in the mid 30's. 
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