3 Mar 2002                   

       Husband: Alfred Rudiger RUSS  
          Born: 18 May 1885          at The Crescent 3 Leslie Road Pollokshields  1,2
     Graduated:                      trained and apprenticed in Glasgow as accountant  3
          Died: ?                      
        Census: 30 Mar 1901          at 35 Newark Drive Kinning Park Glasgow  4
    Occupation:                      Chartered accountant  
        Father: Frank Henry RUSS 
        Mother: Mercy Ann BURTON 

          Wife: Hilda PARKER  
       Married: 7 Nov 1914             5

     F Child 1: Louie Burton RUSS  died at age: 79 
          Born: 29 Feb 1916            6
          Died: 12 Jan 1996          at Western Infirmary Glasgow at 10:00  7
       Resided:                      at 234 Crow Road Glasgow  6
    Occupation:                      Book seller at John Smith & Son of Glasgow  6
Cause of death:                      cerebrovascular incident  6

(1) Certified Copy, at 6h 45m pm to Frank Henry Russ Manufacturing furrier and 
Mercy Ann Russ MS Burton.  Informant F H Russ. 
(2) Census 1891, 35 Newark Drive Pollokshields - Alfred R Russ age 5 born Lanark 
(3) Individual, Ind, information from Ann Turner, for whose father's wedding ARR 
was best man in 1913. 
(4) Census 1901. 
(5) Individual, Ind, Legacy from LB Russ to Patricia van Binsbergen-Meynell "gold 
wedding ring that belonged to my mother inscribed on the inside ARR - HP 7th Nov 
(6) Certified Copy of Death Certificate. 
(7) Certified Copy of Death Certificate, Death registered by solicitor at 310 
Vincent Street Glasgow G2 5QR on 15 Jan 1996, Rory Anderson of Biggart Baillie 
handled her estate. 

"The Hunt for Louie B Russ"
MJH: Sep 2001 Linda Green had as Louie B's last address: 272 Crow Road Glasgow
G11 7LB; from memory she said it was 96/97 when Xmas cards stopped. Louie was
someone interested in Russ family history - could be a descendant of F H Russ
of Glasgow?

Jan 2002: death certificates of LBR and her grandfather Frank Henry Russ
confirm  this.

Feb 2002: Louie B moved from 272 Crow Rd into a residential/care home at 234
Crow Rd before her death in 1966; under her will, of which we now have a copy
she left a large number of small legacies and the bulk of her large estate to
18 charities. She requested that her "whole body be interred in the family
lair (Section N, No.797/8) in the Western Necropolis, Glasgow."  Leads are
being followed up.

12 Feb 2002: JS writes: "Miss Louie Burton Russ was well known to me.  She
resided in the tenement flat at 234 Crow Road, some 200 yards from the terrace
house I occupied for 27 years.  She was a very kenspective figure in the
Broomhill area of Glasgow.  Latterly, she entered a private nursing home,
Clarence Court, about 100 yards from her former flat.
Miss Russ was for several years a very active and forthright committee member
of the Hillhead Conservative and Unionist Party Ladies Section.  My late wife
acted as Treasurer; thus, I was in the company of Miss Russ at various social
functions conducted by the Ladies Section, and also at the more general
deliberations of the Unionist Party in Glasgow.  She impressed as a very
shrewd lady.

22 Feb 2002: CAA writes: "Louie was a very fine person who worked with books,
and loved them almost like members of her family.  She was a very spiritually
minded person, who tried to live out her Christian beliefs.  She was also a
very private person, who was a faithful friend to a few people rather than
everyone's friend."

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