3 Mar 2002                   

          Wife: Gertrude RUSS  died at age: 59 
          Born: 1876                 in England  1
          Died: 1935                   
        Census: 30 Mar 1901          at 35 Newark Drive Kinning Park Glasgow  2
        Father: Frank Henry RUSS 
        Mother: Mercy Ann BURTON 

       Husband: Andrew ANDERSON  

     F Child 1: Irene ANDERSON  died at age: 82 
          Born: 1900                   
          Died: 1982                   
     Education:                      LRAM in Elocution  3
     M Child 2: Alfred ANDERSON  died at age: 72 
          Born: 1913                   
          Died: 1985                   
    Occupation:                      Banker  
      Military: WW II                officer in RNVR  
        Spouse: Betty CUNNINGHAM  
(1) Census 1881. 
(2) Census 1901, Gertrude C Russ daur single age 24 
Augustine E daur single 22 
Alfred R son age 15 scholar 
Margaret Barry servant single age 21 born Dalrymple Ayrshire

House had 13 rooms with one or more window. 
(3) Ind, FG: Irene became an LRAM in Elocution, when in London, briefly, was a 
frequent visitor to your grandparents [Percy Harte & Edith Russ].  Was friendly 
with your father [Harold Harte] who came to Scotland to stay with the Andersons 
once or twice. 

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