3 Mar 2002                   

          Wife: Ada Pauline RUSS  Census name Ada B Russ   died at age: 61 
          Born: 1870                 in England  1
          Died: 1931                   
         Event: 10 Dec 1888          in Glasgow - notified death of father at 35 Newark Drive Pollokshields  2
        Father: Frank Henry RUSS 
        Mother: Mercy Ann BURTON 

       Husband: Stewart LAWRIE  died at age: 72 
          Born: 1859                   
          Died: 1931                   

     F Child 1: Pauline LAWRIE  died at age: 48 
          Born: 1893                   
          Died: 1941                   
     Emigrated:                      to Canada to get married  
    Immigrated:                      to Glasgow  3
        Spouse: Leslie LUCAS  
     F Child 2: Isobel LAWRIE  died at age: 42 
          Born: 1896                   
          Died: 1938                   
    Occupation:                      lecturer in Domestic Science  
     M Child 3: Edwin LAWRIE  died at age: 44 
          Born: 1899                   
          Died: 1943                 in Changi Singapore  4
     Graduated:                      in Medicine at Glasgow University  
    Occupation:                      Malaya as a surgeon  
        Spouse: Marie THOMAS  
(1) Census 1881. 
(2) Census 1881, Ada Russ daughter present, Implication therefore that she also 
lived at 35 Newark Drive Pollokshields in 1888.  She was 17 at the time - so why 
was she accepted as the informant?  Not because her mother had died - FHR is 
shown as 'Married' not 'Widower'. 
(3) Ind, FG: Pauline went to Canada to be married where she continued to live 
with her husband, who sadly died and left her with 2 young children, returned to 
Glasgow to live with her sister Isobel. 
(4) Ind, FG: Edwin graduated in medicine at Glasgow Univ, went to work in Malaya 
where he became a surgeon.  At the fall of Singapore his wife and younger 
daughter, who was there, sailed for Australia but Edwin stayed on as he thought 
he would be needed as a doctor, was imprisoned at Changi and died there. 

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