2 Mar 2002                   

       Husband: John BURTON  died at age: 77 
          Born: 1798                   
          Died: 1875                   
        Father: John BURTON 
        Mother: Elizabeth UNKNOWN 

          Wife: Sarah UNKNOWN  died at age: 86 
          Born: 1805                   
          Died: 1891                   

     F Child 1: Mercy Ann BURTON  Other name Mercy Anne BUNKER   died at age: 67 
          Born: 1845                 in England  1
          Died: 1912                 in Pollokshields Glasgow  2
       Resided: 1891                 at 35 Newark Drive Pollokshields Glasgow  
         Event: 30 Mar 1901          not shown at 35 Newark Drive Glasgow  3
        Spouse: Frank Henry RUSS  Census name Francis Henry Russ   b. 1847  d. 6 Dec 1888  
       Married: 13 Feb 1870          in London  4
       Resided: 1881                 at Auchindale Lenzie Rd Dumbarton  5
       Resided: 1885                 at The Crescent 3 Leslie Road Pollokshields  6

     M Child 2: Charles John BURTON  
          Born: 1829                   
          Died: ?                      
(1) Census 1881, by subtraction. MJH: [Dec 01] This is the name shown in the manuscript section of a family
tree.  The 1881 Census has Mary Ann Russ, furrier's wife.  It is assumed - at this stage - she is the wife of 
F H Russ, who was away from home at the time of the Census.
[Feb 02] Details confirmed from several sources
(2) Certified Copy of Death Certificate. 
(3) Census 1901, Mercy Ann Russ and her children Ada, Jessie and Frank are not 
shown at this address on Census Day. 
(4) Certified Copy, Evidence from birth certificates of children. 
(5) Census 1881, Dwelling:	Auchindale    Lenzie Rd  
Census Place: Kirkintilloch, Dumbarton, Scotland 
Source:	FHL Film 0203550    GRO Ref   Volume 498    EnumDist 13    Page 5 
	Marr	Age	Sex	Birthplace 
Mary Ann RUSS	M	36 	F	England 
	Rel:	Wife (Head) 
	Occ:	Furriers Wife 
Ada B. RUSS	U	10 	F	England 
	Rel:	Daur 
	Occ:	Scholar 
Jessie A. RUSS	U	6 	F	England 
	Rel:	Daur 
	Occ:	Scholar 
Angaline E. RUSS	U	2 	F	Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland 
	Rel:	Daur 
Gertrude RUSS	U	4 	F	England 
	Rel:	Daur 
Frank H. RUSS	U	1 	M	Lenzie, Dunbarton, Scotland 
	Rel:	Son 
Jane M. COCHRAN	U	50 	F	Paisley, Renfrew, Scotland
	Rel:	Serv
	Occ:	Sick 
Charlot A. WOTHERSPOON	U	22 	F	England 
	Rel:	Serv 
	Occ:	Nurse 
Mary MC DONALD	U	18 	F	Ruilick, Inverness, Scotland 
	Rel:	Serv 
	Occ:	Table Maid 
Neighbours in Lenzie Road - two houses empty and one still building: this 
suggests Lenzie Road was a new development in 1881 
Monkland Cottage	Henry Hendry	Mason's labourer
Sunnyknowe	Mary McLean	House proprietor 
Whitcomb Villa	Alexander Campbell	Writer - inspector of poor 
Pomoma Villa	Donald McQuarrie	Rector Lenzie Academy 
Woodlands Lodge	William Hudson	Domestic gardener 
Inglebank	Isabella Howell	House furnisher's wife 
Post Office Bldgs	Alexander Baird	Merchant 
Glenalmond Cottage	William Page	Agent Trimming manufacturer, Frank Henry Russ is 
not present - and his wife is shown as Head of household.  We know he was at 
Ventnor in the Isle of Wight, probably in a TB sanitorium. 
(6) Certified Copy, from birth certificate of Alfred Rudiger Russ. 

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