14 Sep 2002                   

       Husband: Christian Carl Gottfried RUSS    Current name Charles RUSS   died at age: 51 
          Born: 10 Feb 1842          in Brandis Saxony  1,2
      Baptized: 13 Feb 1842          in Evangelical Lutheran Church, Brandis  3
     Emigrated: 1862                 to London via Edinburgh  4
   Naturalized: 17 Feb 1870            5
       Resided: 1869                 in 30 Northampton Sq, Clerkenwell  6
       Resided:                      in 70 New Bond Street London  
        Census: 1881                 at 27 Clifton Hill St John's Wood  7
          Died: 4 Nov 1893           at 27 Clifton Hill St John's Wood  8,9,10
        Buried: 9 Nov 1893           in West Hampstead Cemetery  11,12
       Probate:                      Cheque for 1320 written out  13
    Occupation: 1858                 Furrier: Paris - after Leipzig  14
    Occupation:                      Furrier to Queen Victoria  15,16,17
Cause of death:                      Stroke  18,19
        Father: Christian Karl Gottfried RUSS 
        Mother: Frederika Wilhelmina RUDIGER 

          Wife: Emily CALLAWAY 20    died at age: 68 
   Family home: 27 Feb 1878          at 27 Clifton Hill St John's Wood  
       Married:  25 Jan 1872         in Albany Street Regents Park  21,22
          Born: 29 Dec 1849          at 69 Stanhope St St Pancras  23,24
          Died: 3 Oct 1918           in 23 Mowbray Road Kilburn  25
        Buried: 7 Oct 1918           in West Hampstead Cemetery  26
         Event: Nov 1893             in Germany for birth of Carl Godfrey Muller  27
         Event: 4 Nov 1893           in Husband's death  28
         Event:                      Brief biography  29
       Resided: 5 Feb 1906           sold 27 Clifton Hill  30
       Resided:			     Hillside, Lowlands Road, Harrow Middx  30a 
Cause of death:                      Diabetes; coma 24 hrs  25
    Occupation: 23 Mar 1898          bought a confectionery business at 187 Kilburn High Road  31
        Father: Henry CALLAWAY 
        Mother: Elizabeth BLAND 

     F Child 1: Emily RUSS  died at age: 56 
          Born: 21 Nov 1872          in London  
      Baptized: 29 Dec 1872            32
          Died: 28 Jun 1929          in Spokane Washington  
     Emigrated: 1893                 to Germany  
     Emigrated: 1905                 to Brandon Manitoba  
     Emigrated: 1920s                to Spokane Washington  
         Event: 5 Jul 1897           in witness to Edith's marriage  33
       Resided: Summer 1893          in Germany  
       Resided: 1927                 in Spokane Washington  
       Resided: 1920                 in Regina Saskatchewan  
        Spouse: Otto George MULLER  b. 8 Aug 1867  d. 25 Mar 1950  
       Married: 21 Jul 1891          in England  34,35
     F Child 2: Pauline RUSS  Nickname Lena   died at age: 24 
          Born: 8 Mar 1874             
          Died: 9 Jun 1898           at Foreness Point, Cliftonville Kent  36
    Christened: May 1874               37
        Buried:                      in Family grave in Hampstead Cemetery  38
Cause of death:                      fell over cliff edge  39
     F Child 3: Edith RUSS  died at age: 64 
          Born: 17 Jun 1875          at 3.15 am  40
          Died: 10 Feb 1940          in Middlesex Hospital  
      Baptized: 18 Sept 1875         at St George's Hanover Square  41
        Spouse: Percy Charles HARTE  b. 3 Aug 1873  d. 4 Jan 1947  
   Family home:                      at Glen Wathen, Finchley North London  
       Married: 5 July 1897          in St John's Wood Presbyterian Church  42,43
     M Child 4: Charles RUSS  died at age: 78 
          Born: 11 Nov 1876          at 70 New Bond Street London  44,45
          Died: 26 Feb 1955          in Ealing  46
        Buried: 1955                 in West Hampstead Cemetery  47,48
     Graduated: 1903                 from St Mary's Hospital  49
       Resided: 1914                 in Walden, Packhorse Rd Gerrards Cross Bucks  50,51
       Resided: 1917?                at 10 College Road Harrow  52
       Resided: 1918                 at 276 Willesden Lane  53
         Event: May 1925             declared bankrupt  
       Resided: 1926                 at 10 Priory Crescent Lewes  54
       Resided: 1928                 in London  55
       Resided: 1930                 in Sutherland Ave Maida Vale  56
       Resided: 1940                 in Crowborough Sussex  57
      Baptized:                      at St George's Hanover Square  41
Cause of death:                      Pneumonia  
     Education: 1888                 Shebbear College, North Devon  58
    Occupation:                      Medical doctor and inventor  59
    Occupation: 1903                 bacteriologist at Queen Anne Street London  60
    Occupation: 1913                 bacteriologist at 25 Beaumont St London  61
    Occupation: 1916                 Published 'A New Treatment of Gonorrhea'  62
    Occupation: 1923                 bacteriologist at 63 Wimpole Street London  63
        Spouse: Jessie Naylor GODDARD  b. 1877  d. 30 Mar 1918  
       Married: 1902                 in St Luke's Hampstead  64
        Spouse: Zoe CENTER  b. 9 Apr 1878  d. 16 Apr 1964  
       Married: 20 Dec 1922          in St Pauls Knightsbridge  65,66
     M Child 5: Emil RUSS  died at age: 80 
          Born: 2 Nov 1877           at 70 New Bond Street London  67
          Died: 1958                 in East Grinstead Sussex  
      Baptized: 2 Jan 1878           at St George's Hanover Square  41
     Emigrated: May 1902             to India  68
       Resided: 1905                 in India  
         Event: 1920                 Winner of Calcutta Sweepstake  69,70,71
       Resided: 1921 [?] - 1940[?]   in South London  72
    Retirement:                      in Peacehaven Sussex  
      Cremated: 9 May 1958           ashes scattered  at family graves Hampstead Cemetery  
     Education:                      Shebbear College, North Devon  73
    Occupation: 1905?                Court tailor  74
        Spouse: Helen FERGUSON  
     M Child 6: Percy RUSS  died at age: 78 
          Born: 10 Nov 1878          at 27 Clifton Hill St John's Wood  75
      Baptized:                      at St George's Hanover Square  
          Died: 23 Jan 1957          in Hawera NZ  
     Emigrated: 1901                 to New Zealand  69,76
       Resided:                      in Wanganui North Island NZ  49
     Education: 1888                 Shebbear College, North Devon  73
    Occupation: 16 Jan 1895          apprenticed as cabinet maker to Frank Praill of Tottenham Court Road, London  77
    Occupation:                      Cabinet maker, picture framer and photographer in New Zealand  78,79,80
Cause of death:                      Bronchopneumonia - 12 hrs before death  81
        Spouse: Agnes Maud ARMSTRONG  b. 12 Apr 1880  d. 30 Jul 1965  
       Married: 24 Apr 1902          in Wanganui North Island NZ  
     M Child 7: Sidney RUSS  Nickname Beany   died at age: 83 
          Born: 2 Dec 1879           at 27 Clifton Hill St John's Wood  82
      Baptized:                      at St George's Hanover Square  41
          Died: 27 Jul 1963            
       Resided: 1912                 at Walden, Packhorse Rd Gerrards Cross Bucks  51
         Event:                      CBE DSc  83
         Event: 1950                 published "Cancer. Where We Stand"  
     Education: 1888                 Shebbear College, North Devon  73
   Apprenticed: 18 Sep 1897          G Poland & Co - furriers  84
     Education:                      trained under Lord Rutherford  49
     Education:                      studied under Roentgen in Germany  85
    Occupation:                      Scientist  86
    Occupation: 1944                 Emeritus Professor of Physics  69
        Spouse: Mary PRIESTLEY  b. 1889  d. 1959  
       Married: 1917                   87
     F Child 8: Bertha RUSS  died at age: 91 
          Born: 9 Mar 1881           at 27 Clifton Hill St John's Wood  88
          Died: 1973                   89
      Religion:                      Quaker  
        Spouse: Frank WELCH  
       Married: 1906                 in Pinner Middlesex  90
     M Child 9: Ernest RUSS  Current name Ernest RUSSELL   died at age: 89 
          Born: 10 May 1882          at 27 Clifton Hill St John's Wood  91
      Baptized:                      at St George's Hanover Square  41
          Died: 23 Oct 1971          at Battle Hospital, Reading Berks  
       Resided: 24 Jul 1905          at 85 Ardgowan Rd Hither Green Londdon  92
       Resided: 7 Nov 1908           at 118 Spring Bank Hither Green London  93
         Event: 15 Jun 1968          attended Kathy BEvan's wedding  
     Education:                      Shebbear College, North Devon  73
      Military:                      Boer War  94
      Military: Jul 1902             Pietermaritzburg SA  
      Military: 8 Mar 1915           Commissioned 2nd Lt Territorial Army Royal Engineers  
      Military: 1919                 ended the war as a Captain  
        Spouse: Kate Ellen PLUMMER  b. 16 Sep 1885  d. 4 Oct 1971  
       Married: 16 Sep 1904          in Bath Somerset  
    M Child 10: Albert RUSS   
          Born: 23 Dec 1883          at 27 Clifton Hill St John's Wood  95
      Baptized:                      at St George's Hanover Square  41
    Occupation:                      Draper  96
        Health:                      had a problem with his eyes  49
     Education:                      Shebbear College, North Devon  73
        Health:  9 Oct 1894          had an operation  97
   Apprenticed:  4 Apr 1900          to J Rigg  98
        Spouse: Maude Lucy EAGER     b. 1880
       Married: 28 Oct 1907          in Register Office, St Pancras
    M Child 11: Frederick Valentine RUSS  died at age: 68 
          Born: 14 Feb 1885          at 27 Clifton Hill St John's Wood  99
      Baptized:                      at St George's Hanover Square  41
          Died: 3 May 1953             
       Resided: during WW II         in Stevenage Herts  
       Resided: 22 Jun 1910          at The Orchard, Murray Rd Northwood  
       Resided: 22 Oct 1912          at Kilncotes, Bennetts End Hemel Hempstead Herts  
       Resided: 1914 - 1953 at 73 Kingsley Ave West Ealing  
Cause of death:                      Cerebral haemorrhage  
     Education:                      Shebbear College, North Devon  
    Occupation:                      Civil Servant HM Ministry of Works  100
      Military: 1914 - 1918 Army and Royal Flying Corps  101
     Education: 21 Jun 1902          apprenticed as cabinet maker  102
        Spouse: Helen Caroline BLISS  Nickname Nellie   b. 20 Nov 1885  d. 10 Mar 1971  
       Married: 5 Mar 1910           at St George's Hanover Square  103,104
    M Child 12: Walter RUSS  died at age: 0 
          Born: 13 Jul 1886          at 27 Clifton Hill St John's Wood  105,106
          Died: 13 Dec 1886          at 27 Clifton Hill St John's Wood  107
        Buried:                      in Hampstead Cemetery  41
Cause of death:                      Burnt in cot  108
    M Child 13: William RUSS  Nickname Will   died at age: 82 
          Born: 22 Mar 1888          at 27 Clifton Hill St John's Wood  109
      Baptized:                      at St George's Hanover Square  41
          Died: July 1971              
     Education:                      Shebbear College, North Devon  73
      Military: 1914 - 1918 Artillery  110,111
    Occupation:                      Geologist in Nigeria  112,113
        Spouse: Florence WRIGHT  
(1) Emily Callaway, Day Book, 'He was born at Brandis, near Leipzig on the 10th 
of February 1842.  The fourth child and second son of Christian Karl Gottfried 
Russ citizen, houseowner, furrier and cap manufacturer at Brandis and of his 
wife Frederika Wilhelmina geb. Rudiger'. 
(2) DK, 'Carl Russ's good friend Carl Muller, a ropemaker seven years his senior, 
...wandering from the town of Taucha, six miles north-east of Leipzig, in 
Saxony, ll the way down to Bavaria and back.  In 1858, at the age of sixteen, 
Carl....the second son of a furrier in Taucha, set his sights a bit higher.', 9. 
(3) Emily Callaway, Day Book, 'baptized on the 13th of the same month and the 
following were his godfathers and godmothers:- 
1, Gustav Arudt - tanner in Brandis. 
2, Eleanor Rost, wife of Karl Rost shoemaker in Brandis. 
3, Friedrich Hansmann junr., ropemaker in Brandis.', from the Register 16 vol 
1842 - certified by the Mayor of Brandis Mr Dobler. 
(4) DK, 'he and an older cousin caught a ship bound for Edinburgh......As family 
lore has it, after the two cousins disembarked, they were walking along and saw 
a sixpence lying on the ground.  They picked it up.  A little farther along, 
they found a half-crown, which they also collected.  'There's money in this 
city,' the cousin said to Carl.  'I'm staying.  You go down to London.'  Russ 
dutifully headed south', MJH: who is the cousin?  Is he the F.H. Russ, furrier 
of Glasgow and uncle to R. Russ Winkler of Russ & Winkler, furriers to the Queen 
of 132 Princes St Edinburgh?, 10. 
(5) Certificate, Passport of 7 Jun 1889 mentions Certificate of Naturalization, 
17 Feb 1879. 
(6) DK, 'By 1869, Russ had settled in Clerkenwell....where he anglicized his name 
to Charles.....leasing a residence and shop on Northampton Square for ten years 
at 50 per year.', 10. 
(7) Census 1881, Dwelling: 27 Clifton Hill 
Census Place: St Marylebone, London, Middlesex 
Source: FHL Film 1341036 PRO Ref RG 11 Piece 0164 Folio 53 Page 19 
		Marr 	Age 	Sex 	Birthplace
Charles REESS	M	39 	M	Saxony
	occ: Master Furrier				 
Emily REESS	M	31 	F 	London 
	Rel: Wife				 
Emily REESS		8 	F 	London 
	Rel: Daur				 
Paullina REESS		7 	F 	London 
	Rel: Daur				 
Edith REESS		5 	F 	London 
	Rel: Daur				 
Charles REESS		4 	M 	London 
	Rel: Son				 
Ernest REESS		3 	M 	London 
	Rel: Son				 
Percey REESS		2 	M 	London 
	Rel: Son				 
Sidney REESS		1 	M 	London 
	Rel: Son				 
Bertha REESS		4 m 	F 	London 
	Rel: Daur				 
Jesse G. GOLLENCOVE	U	21 	F 	Leeds 
	Rel: Serv			 
	occ: General Servant				 
Clara DEERSLEY	U	19 	F 	London 
? DURSELY	Rel: Serv		 
	occ: Nursemaid				 
Mary A. DACELESS	W	57 	F 	Surrey
	Rel: Serv			
	occ: Monthly Nurse. 
(8) Emily Callaway, Day Book, 'my dear husband and our good father died at 27 
Clifton Hill, St John's Wood N.W. on Saturday Nov. 4th at 4:35 pm'. 
(9) Newspaper, from Morgenblatt und Anzeiger - Wed Nov 8 1895: 
"Taucha.  We received the news privately that on Saturday in London Mr Charles 
Russ after a long illness fell asleep.  Our town loses in him one of her most 
successful sons abroad, who preserved for his native town a warm attachment and 
who benefited it by many benevolent acts.  After he went to England Mr Russ was 
a fatherly friend and adviser to the children of Tauscha, and many are indebted 
to him for an esteemed position abroad.  Peace be unto him.". 
(10) Newspaper, from Kurchner-Zeitung, Leipzig 3 Dec 1893 
"Charles Russ, Furrier, London, died suddenly on the 4th of November at the age 
of 51, lamented by his wife, twelve children and numerous friends there and on 
the continent.  The deceased was born at Brandis near Leipzig and left Germany 
shortly after the termination of his apprenticeship in order to go to Belgium & 
France.  Only equipped with modest means he finally came to London where good 
fortune soon followed him.  After he had worked several years as chambermaster 
for City houses he established in 1874 in 70 New Bond St a business of his own, 
which he was soon able to bring to a splendid position.  At the Exhibition of 
Paris 1878 he received the Golden Medal, which is a proof to what ability & 
capacity his house had reached.  The following shows in what respect of private 
life he rejoiced that he was commissioned with the management of the German 
Hospital for one year, as also that he occupied the office of Master of the 
Freemasons Lodge.  For the last 3 years he saw his uncertain health would compel 
him to sell his business through which his family is well provided for, as he 
has left behind him considerable wealth.  Mr Russ is a self made man in the 
fullest signification of the word & can be placed before the eyes of the growing 
generation as a pattern of an active persevering business gentleman.  Peace be 
to him!". 
(11) Emily Callaway, Day Book, '9th November 1893   
The Funeral was decided for & took place on the 9th of November at Hampstead 
Cemetery in a new brick vault, family grave, situated next to our dear little 
Walter's grave in the centre path on the right hand side of the cemetery through 
the chapel.  The service was conducted by Rev Dr Swanson D.D. of 19 Greencroft 
Gardens, South Hampstead, and attended by the widow of the deceased, our dear 
Mother, the four eldest children Lena, Edith, Charles and Emil, Mr Otto George 
Muller of Chemnitz, son-in-law of the above, Mr R Winkler of Edinburgh, nephew 
of the above, Mr Callaway, father-in-law of the above; Mr W.G. Schoof, Mr 
Muhlberg and Mr Bailey, Trustees of Mr Charles Russ' Will and several other 
friends.  After the ceremony the Will was read in the presence of Mrs Russ, 
Executrix and her four eldest children, and Messrs Schoof & Mulhberg the two 
trustees, Mr Robert Bailey of 51 Clifton Hill, N.W. having resigned.  The Will 
was drawn up by Messrs Dod Longstaffe Son & Fenwick of 16 Berners Street and the 
signature was witnessed by Mr Preston, clerk in the late Mr Russ' business', W G 
Schoof - 1881 Census Return: 
"Dwelling:	99 St John St  
Census Place:  Clerkenwell, London, Middlesex, England 
FHL Film 1341077     PRO Ref RG11    Piece 0357    Folio 15    Page 23 
Wm. Geo. SCHOOF	Unmarried  Age  50 	Birthplace  Hensburg, Germany 
Rel:	Lodger (Head)		
Occ:	Watch Springer Maker". 
(12) ABR, Photo of gravestones nos WC234 and 235 West Hampstead Cemetery, Fortune 
Green Road, London N 6 -, 239. 
(13) Emily Callaway, Day Book, '27th November 1893     
A cheque for Probate was written out for 1320 in favour of Messrs Dod 
Longstaffe Son & Fenwick & advanced by the Manager at the rate of 5% Interest 
until it can be repaid'     
'30th November 1893     
Mr Fenwick wrote for a cheque for Estate Duty which we sent on the above date  
'4th December 1893     
Valuation at market price of Bonds 35,379 - 1 - 2     
Shares in Ships 'John Redhead', 'Carl Rahtkens', 'Fernbrook', 'Baron Clyde'     
Valuation for Probate of 27 Clifton Hill by Higgins & Son 12 Finchley Road, St 
John's Wood, NW  395, 'His account was held at the London & County Bank Hanover 
Square branch'. 
(14) DK, 'He had already worked in Leipzig, one of the fur centres of Europe.  He 
now travelled to Paris', 9. 
(15) DK, 'he set up a shop on New Bond Street.....his furs caught the eye of Queen 
Victoria', 11. 
(16) Fritz Walter MULLER, Genealogy of Muller family, 'After his childhood at 
Taucha he had learned the furrier trade at Leipzig.  Later on he went to Paris 
and then to London where he opened a furriers shop at New Bond Str.  He made 
excellent goods and was soon one of the leading furriers of London.  I have 
admired him always and to this day am thankful to him for having given me that 
polish of education which is so essential in life and which I did not have from 
my parents, being plain folks.   
He was a stout gentlemen and rather stern although kind never the less.  He 
always laid great stress upon good appearance and one of his oft repeated words 
to me was: "Never forget - a top-hat, a clean collar and clean boots make a 
gentleman."  He had bought a nice house, called Clifton Villa at 27 Clifton 
Hill, St. John's Wood, N.W. with a fine garden attached to it where in summer we 
used to sit after luncheon smoking our pipes or cigarettes.  The Russ's lived on 
a rather grand style and always had 2 female servants.  When I came there for 
the first time at Easter 1890 I was a boy of 16 and was greatly impressed by the 
style of living of the Russ family.  On every Sunday they went to church twice 
and no meal was served without prayers and saying grace.  I was always greatly 
pleased when he offered me one of his fine Egyptian cigarettes.  He gave me many 
a hint especially valuable for a boy of 16 and was like a second father to me.  
In 1892 he retired from business and together with his wife and eldest son 
Charles made a trip to Vienna, Venice, Budapest and Dresden.  It was on this 
trip that the first symptoms of his disordered mind were noticed.  After 
returning to London his condition grew gradually worse ending in his death in 
1895.  Just as much as I admired Mr. Russ, I worshipped his wife'. 
(17) R Russ Winkler, Furs and Furriery, (MacNiven & Wallace, 1899), 'The late 
F.H. Russ of Glasgow, in his work on "Skins and Furs", and speaking from his own 
experience, says: "The training of German youths to the trade is very severe and 
trying, and embraces every branch of the art - dressing, dyeing, cleaning, 
cutting, sewing, lining, beating, preserving from moths, and also the selling of 
the goods; thus there is laid a solid foundation, not only of complete practical 
knowledge of the trade, but also of commercial intercourse."  The Germans are 
quick workers, and they supply the demand for workmen from France, Great Britain 
and America; in fact, practical furriery in the British Isles is almost 
exclusively in the hands of German furriers residing in Britain.  Englishmen 
generally look upon the work as unhealthy, an opinion which fur-workers 
themselves do not share', 9. 
(18) Emily Callaway, Day Book, '4th November 1893     
The cause of Mr Charles Russ' death was Cerebral Appoplexy & Coma, as certified 
by Dr William Neale M.D. of 24 Loudon Rd. N.W.   He was fairly well in health & 
bright in spirits up to Thursday evening Nov 2nd when at 10.30 pm he was 
suddenly attacked by paralysis in the right hand and arm, which during the night 
also attacked the brain rendering him unconscious for 30 hours.  He passed 
peacefully away without having regained consciousness'. 
(19) DK, 'Carl suffered a stroke.....at the age of fifty-one, Carl died with his 
son Charles ...by his side', 13. 
(20) (26 Sep 1934), 3 Oct 1918 at 23 Mowbray Road, Willesden Middx. 
(21) Emily Callaway, Day Book, 'He was married January 25th 1872 to Emily 
Callaway at Albany Street, Regent's Park by Rev. Burrows'.
DK, Daughter of manager of 'one of London's old-line furriers', 10 
(22) Certified Copy, Marriage solemnized at Christ Church in the Parish of St 
Pancras Jan 25 1872 - between Charles Russ age 29 Bachelor Furrier of 30 
Northampton Square Clerkenwell -  father Charles Russ Furrier 
and Emily Callaway age 22 Spinster of 51 Park Village East - father Henry 
Callaway Furrier 
Witnesses Henry Callaway and C M Dybahl [?] - by Licence by Rev H Burrows, 
Certified Copy held by CSF. 
(23) Certified Copy, 'Twenty ninth December 1849 69 Stanhope Street Hampstead - 
Emily - girl - Henry Callaway - Eliza Callaway formerly Bland - Furrier - H 
Callaway Father 69 Stanhope St Hampstead St Pancras - Eighteenth January 1850 - 
Charles Hy Spong Registrar', Stanhope is best deciphering. 
(24) Emily Callaway, Day Book, 'She was born in London December 29th 1849'. 
(25) Certified Copy of Death Certificate. 
(26) ABR, Photo of gravestones nos WC234 and 235 West Hampstead Cemetery, Fortune 
Green Road, London N 6, 239. 
(27) Fritz Walter MULLER, Genealogy of Muller family, 'Your grandmother, 
Mrs.Russ, was in Germany at the time with Emily as she had just had a baby 
(28) Fritz Walter MULLER, Genealogy of Muller family, 'About the beginning of 
Nov.93, Lena sent me a telegram to come to 27 Clifton Hill, Mr.Russ's home and 
was told after celebrating one of the children's birthday the night before, 
Mr.Russ had a stroke.  Your grandmother, Mrs.Russ, was in Germany at the time 
with Emily as she had just had a baby (Carl).  I was led into his bedroom and 
found Mr.Russ still living but breathing very heavily.  In about  of an hour he 
gave three deep sighs and it was all over.  He was the first man I had ever seen 
die and it shocked me very much.   We wired Mrs.Russ and she came to London 
(29) Fritz Walter MULLER, Genealogy of Muller family, 'To the best of my 
knowledge she had been a lady-help in his furrier shop at New Bond Str, and 
later on Mr. Russ had married her.  She must have been a very pretty girl with 
her sparkling black eyes and curly black hair and her well-developed figure.  
She was always very well dressed and was a stately woman when I first saw her in 
1890.  She had a  surprisingly deep voice and the way she moved about in public 
and her household and the way she spoke was always impressive and suggested that 
she came from a very respectable family accustomed to giving orders and to live 
on a high standard.  She always spoke kindly to the servants but a few words 
from her were sufficient to make the servants obey immediately and always very 
demurely.  I have never seen her in a temper although by nature she was very 
I shall never forget how composed she was when we met her at Victoria station on 
her return from Germany after her husband's death.  During those years 1890-2 I 
had seen how dearly she loved her husband.  Her son Charles was with me and she 
said "What terrible news" and we took a cab home.  On arrival there she said 
"let us have supper first and then I will go, and see my husband."  After supper 
she went to see the corpse and stayed with him an hour or more and although she 
had shed her tears freely she was quite composed when she returned to her home.  
At his death Mr. Russ left his widow the house on Clifton Hill and 10,000 and 
to each of his children 3500, as near as I can remember.'. 
(30) Emily Callaway, Day Book, Lease of 27 Clifton Hill sold at 700 
S. Higgins & sons auctioneers - comm   20 
Dod Longstaffe Son & Fenwick  (fees)  11, 141. 
(30a) Will of Emily Russ Widow dated 8 July 1913 - certified copy
(31) Emily Callaway, Day Book, Mrs. & Miss Russ called on Mr. Fenwick Wednesday 
- about 12 o.c to instruct him to prepare Draft of Assignment of a confectionery 
business about to be purchased by Mrs. Russ from a Miss Haynes at 187 High Rd. 
Kilburn at a cost of 85, 38. 
(32) Emily Callaway, Day Book, 'Christened Dec 29th  1872 registered Jan 1st 
1873 in parish of Clerkenwell'. 
(33) Certified Copy. 
(34) Emily Callaway, Day Book, 'married July 21st 1891 to Otto George Muller, 
Chemnitz second son of Carl Gottfried Muller'. 
(35) DK, 'Emily married Otto Muller, Carl Muller's second but more enterprising 
son', 18. 
(36) DK, 'At twenty-four, Lena, as she was called, was purportedly suffering from 
long-standing acute indigestion, which had led to low spirits.  Her doctor 
recommended sea air, so she and Mater went to a boarding house in Cliftonville, 
on the coast of Kent.  Soon Lena seemed to perk up, and Mater relaxed her 
vigilant watch over her daughter.  One rainy, blustery morning, Lena slipped out 
of the boarding house to post a letter, or so Mater later rationalized when she 
discovered the girl was gone.  In fact Lena had wandered out to the edge of the 
forty-foot cliff at Foreness Point, where she sat wild-eyed in the pouring rain. 
Upon seeing Lena, a startled walker cautioned her: "It is a silly thing to sit 
so near the edge of the cliff, especially on such a day as this is; the cliff 
has been falling away lately, and the cliff might go down, and you might go with 
it."  Lena made a show of moving back.  The man continued on the path down and 
around the cliff.  But when he was below, Lena called out to him, 'Please pick 
up my umbrella!'   
The man found the umbrella lying on the rocky beach beneath the bluff and began 
to climb back up the path with it.  But, at a bend, he looked up and saw a 
ghastly sight: Lena was teetering on the brink of the cliff, her arms raised in 
front of her, as if she were being beckoned into the precipice.  As he raced up 
the path, he heard a dreadful scream.  At another bend, he caught a glimpse of 
the girl.  She was lying on the ground and slowly pushing herself over the 
ledge.  The man, Mr Stephen Brown Balcome, a holidaying stockbroker from West 
Kensington, continued his frustratingly slow ascent.  Jogging around a corner, 
he lost sight of Lena.  When he finally arived at the top, only the wind and 
rain greeted him.  Lena had fallen to the beach below.  Panicked, Balcome ran to 
a nearby restaurant for help.  But when they reached Lena, she was barely alive. 
She died on the way to the hospital', 14. 
(37) Emily Callaway, Day Book, 'Paulina born March 8th 1874 christened May 1874 
registered April 20th 1874 Parish of Clerkenwell'. 
(38) Ind, Tombstone reads: Lena - Loved of all.  She was most fair and gracious.  
All her ways lightened the noon-day with love's purer light.  Dark now, because 
our eyes behold no more the loveliness God gave her: this white soul is but 
withdrawn to sing with ceaseless praise Love's song so sweet upon her lips of 
old.  March 8th 1874   June 9th 1898 
"It seemed as the ceasing of exquisite music". 
(39) Ind, Family legend: she was madly in love with a Catholic priest, who would 
not leave the Church to marry her - she jumped 
Death certificate records: "Committed suicide whilst temporarily insane". 
(40) Emily Callaway, Day Book, 'Edith born June 17th 1875 at 3.15 am registered 
June 28th Parish of Clerkenwell, christened at St George's W. September 18th'. 
(41) Emily Callaway, Day Book. 
(42) DK, 'Edith had married a bank clerk', 23. 
(43) Certified Copy, 'aged 23 - bank clerk, residing at 7 Gladys Road, Hampstead  
to Edith Russ aged 21 spinster; of 27 Clifton Hill, Marylebone at St John's Wood 
Presbyterian Church, Marlborough Place by certificate by J M Gibson'. 
(44) DK, 'Charles, at the age of eleven,....left home in 1888', 12. 
(45) Emily Callaway, Day Book, 'Charles born November 11th 1876 at 70 New Bond 
Street W. registered Dec 21st & christened at St George's Hanover Square, W'. 
(46) DK, 'On 18 February 1955.....eight days after its publication, his 
seventy-eight year old father Charles Russ, died of pneumonia in Ealing', 176. 
(47) ABR, Photos of the RUSS tombstones in West Hampstead Cemetery, Fortune Green 
Road, London N 6 - graves no: WC 234 and 235, 239. 
(48) John Cole - 2000: Turning then to my sister's recollections of attending our 
Charles Russ's funeral, Daphne says that Victor, Bun (Bernard), Connie and Joan 
were there, along with our mother Olive. Daphne says the 
coffin remained open to show the deceased with a neatly clipped beard. 
She has no recall of meeting Zoe, although Zoe surely must have been present. 
After the funeral Bun took Olive and Daphne to the ballet in London's West End 
and booked them into his expensive hotel that night [it probably was Brown's 
Hotel; Bun usually stayed there when in town]. 
Mother insisted on paying her and Daphne's hotel bill, rather than have it paid 
by Bun!. 
(49) ABR, 5. Albert had poor eyesight - Findell tree
(50) DK, 'The house the Russes called Walden lay in a wooded area in rural 
Buckinghamshire, halfway between the towns of Chalfont St Peter and Gerrards 
Cross.', 18. 
(51) ABR, 7. 
(52) DK, 25. 
(53) DK, 'Charles could not bear to live in the house where Jessie had died, so he 
uprooted the family once again, moving to a terraced house at 276 Willesden 
Lane, in Willesden Green, also north-west of London.', 26. 
(54) DK, 'In May 1926....around this time Charles moved what was left of the 
family to Lewes ...10 Priory  Crescent', 39. 
(55) DK, 'The Russes did not last long in Lewes.  They soon moved back to London', 
(56) DK, 'By now, the Russ family had moved again, to Sutherland Avenue in the 
Maida Vale area of London', 44. 
(57) DK, 'By Easter 1940......Charles, Zoe and Joan now lived in Crowborough', 80. 
(58) DK, 'Soon thereafter [death of Walter 13 Dec 1886] the eight surviving boys 
were dispatched to Shebbear College, a long-established boarding school in north 
Devon.  Charles, at the age of eleven, and his younger brothers Emil, Percy and 
Sidney (who was just eight years old) left home in 1888.  Ernest, Albert, 
Frederick and William soon completed the Russ contingent at Shebbear, a school 
founded by a Low Church group and later affiliated with the Methodist Church.  
The brothers often remained at school even during the holidays. 
Boarding school was primarily a privilege of the rich, but conditions at 
Shebbear did not betray the fact.  The boys took to eating their peach stones to 
stave off hunger, a habit that little Sidney would maintain for the rest of his 
life.  When at home, the brothers proved that they had absorbed their Latin 
lessons, calling their mother 'Mater'.  But they were not coddled at home 
either.  'Pater' would not tolerate idleness or airs in his boys, who during 
holidays were put to work learning the furrier trade', 12. 
(59) DK, 'On 12 December 1927, he applied for a patent for an electric heater that 
prevented the water in car radiators from freezing, a device that Barney helped 
him demonstrate at an exhibition of inventions and which he apparently sold to 
an automobile manufacturer, who unfortunately ended up shelving it.  In the fall 
of 1928, Charles would apply for a patent for winding and constructing 
electrical heating elements, the description of which filled three pages.  Three 
months after that, he patented an 'improved protector for venereal discharges'', 
(60) DK, 'Charles, a bacteriologist, worked as one of two qualified assistants in 
Dr G. L. Eastes's laboratory of pathology and public health', 18[US] 
(61) DK, 'Charles then set up his own lab less than a mile away, on Beaumont 
Street, igniting a bitter dispute.  Claiming Russ had violated a noncompete 
clause in his contract, Eastes sued his former assistant.  The Chancery Court 
sided with Charles, deeming the contract, which he had never actually signed, 
flawed.', 18[US] 
(62) DK, 24. 
(63) DK, 'Although he hoped the eye study would pay off, his practice was failing. 
He abandoned this office at 25 Beaumont Street, his only consistent address over 
the previous decade, and set up at 63 Wimpole Street.  To save money during the 
school holiday, the boys cleaned the office and washed the glass vessels and the 
instruments that Charles used in his bacteriological practice.  But within a 
year, he would close this office as well.', 34[US] 
(64) DK, 'In 1902, when he had married his sweetheart, Jessie Naylor Goddard, at 
St Luke's Church in Hampstead', 19. 
(65) DK, 'On 20 December 1922, at St Paul's Church in Knightsbridge, Charles Russ, 
now forty-five, married Zoe Center, a year younger', 31. 
(66) ABR, 'During our [ABR] sojourn at Marylebone, Father met and married a 
wonderful lady.  Zoe performed marvels in the household', 24. 
(67) Emily Callaway, Day Book, 'Emil born November 2nd 1877 at 70 New Bond St W 
registered Dec 11th christened at St Georges Jan 5th'. 
(68) Emily Callaway, Day Book, May 23 1902: Gave Cheque to Emil Russ to settle 
his expenses & on his departure for India Advance a/c  75, 128. 
(69) Carolyn FINDELL, (24 Jun 2001). 
(70) DK, 'Uncle Emil, who had worked as a tailor in India until he won the 
Calcutta Sweep in 1920.  He pocketed 15,800 and hied it back to England.  There 
he liked to swim in the sea and hold court in the pubs, where he was known to 
spin a yarn or two.  Emil lost his fortune almost as quickly as he made it.  
According to Major H. Hobbs, who wrote 'The Romance of the Calcutta Sweep': In 
1927 the news was broadcast through the British Empire, possibly right round the 
world, that he, a prize winner in the Derby Sweep, had made his appearance in 
the Canterbury Bankruptcy Court, where it was stated that he had been living at 
the rate of 2,000 a year.', 73. 
(71) ABR, 'Having apprenticed as a tailor, he went to India to make uniforms for 
the British Army.  One day he and three friends decided to take equal shares for 
the "Calcutta Turf" - the Indian equivalent of the English Derby.  We were never 
able to find out how much he won, but he gave up tailoring, and India, returned 
to England and purchased a large house in South London, with more than enough 
room for our brood during school holidays, and where we were always welcome.  
His wife disapproved of his fondness for alcohol and left him - which was, 
perhaps, just as well, as the house was flattened not long after during one of 
the first bombing raids of World War II!  Not only was the house demolished, but 
so was Emil's life of financial independence.  Undaunted, he took a job with the 
Post Office, delivering mail.  The end of his route used to take him close to 
"The Prince of Wales' Feathers" - a pub just off Oxford Street, and although 
having tempered his preference for alcohol considerably, he still enjoyed a pint 
or two. The story goes that on this particular day he only had sufficient funds 
for one pint, after which he set off to report to Headquarters.  He was hardly 
out of sight of the pub when one of the first V-2 bombs made a direct hit on the 
building.  Uncle used to tell us that since he had won the Sweepstake, escaped 
unscathed from his demolished home and from certain death in the pub, it was 
obvious that he lived a charmed life!  And, he would add with a twinkle, had he 
been less temperate and stayed for the extra pint, he might not have lived to 
tell the tale.', 4. 
(72) ABR, 4. 
(73) DK, 12. 
(74) DK, 'the gregarious Emil, who was said to have had a talent for writing when 
younger.  In 1905, he had moved to India and, as William recorded on the back of 
a family photograph, became 'court tailor.....and friend of Maharajah X', 23. 
(75) Emily Callaway, Day Book, 'Percy born November 10th 1878 at 27 Clifton 
Hill, St John's Wd. Christened at St George's Reg. Dec 18th 1878'. 
(76) Emily Callaway, Day Book, Nov 6 1900: Advance to Percy Russ cycle  20 
Dec 9 1901: Percy to start in business 280 
per Charles to buy camera  20 
Feb 4 1901: Cash advanced to Percy  223.2.6 
Feb 7 1902: Percy Russ 200 & Cabling charges 1.16.2, MJH: suggests he left for 
New Zealand around the end of 1901; as he married 24 Apr 1902, he presumably did 
not go out in 1902!, 116, 117, 122, 124. 
(77) Indenture, This Indenture Witnesseth, that 
	Percy Russ 
of	27 Clifton Hill, St John's Wood 
in the parish of St Marylebone 
son of Mrs Emily Russ, widow 
of the above address 
of his own free will and accord, and by and with the consent and approbation of 
his  mother  testified by his executing these Presents, doth put him 
Apprentice to Frank Praill 
Trading as Edward Praill 
of 12 New Inn Yard Tottenham Court Road 
in the parish of St Pancras 
to learn the Art, Trade or business of  Cabinet Making 

and to be with him after the manner of an Apprentice from the  
day of  October One thousand eight hundred and ninety- four 
until the full end and term of  --  four years from thence next following 
and fully to be complete and ended ; during which time the said Apprentice his 
Master  faithfully shall serve,  his secrets keep and his lawful commands 
obey ;  he shall do no damage to his said Master or his goods, nor suffer 
to be done by others, but shall forthwith give notice to his said Master of 
the same when necessary;-- he shall not waste the said Goods, nor lend them 
unlawfully, nor shall he do any act whereby his said Master may sustain 
loss with his own goods or others during the said term ; he shall not buy nor 
sell during  
his Apprenticeship, nor absent himself from his said Master's service day or 
unlawfully ; but in all things as a faithful Apprentice shall behave himself 
towards his  
said Master and others during the said term 
and the said Frank Praill in consideration 
of the sum of thirty pounds premium -  
Fifteen pounds on the execution of these presents 
And the remaining fifteen pounds this day 
Six months - shall pay to the said Percy Russ 
First twelve months - Two and sixpence per week 
Second twelve months - Five shillings per week 
Third twelve months - Seven and sixpence per week 
Fourth and last twelve months - ten shillings per 
And the said Frank Praill 
his said Apprentice in the Art, Trade or Business of Cabinet Making 
by the best means in his power shall teach and instruct or cause to be taught 
and instructed 
The said Percy Russ 
[finding the said Apprentice sufficient Meat, Drink, Lodging and all other 
necessities during  
the said term] 
All the branches of what is known as  
Cabinet making 
And for the true performance of all and every the said Covenants and agreements 
the said  
Parties bind themselves by these Presents  IN WITNESS whereof they have to this 
Indenture interchangeably set their Hands and Seals the sixteenth day of 
in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and ninety - five 

in the presence of			Emily 
W G Schoof
					Frank Praill	

text between [  ] crossed out in original. 
(78) DK, 'Percy, a photographer, who lived in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand', 23. 
(79) ABR, 'Percy became a photographer and emigrated to New Zealand, settling in 
the Hawkes Bay, Napier District of the North Island in Wanganui.  One of his 
sons was killed in the earthquake of 1934', Wanganui is not in Hawkes Bay, 5. 
(80) Ind, Lenore Amos:  'Percy was a cabinet maker even when he had a picture 
framing business.  It appears that Percy paid his own way to NZ.  His death 
certificate shows he had been in NZ for 56 years so he presumably came in 1900 
or 1901.  When he married in April 1902 his occupation was "cabinet maker".  
Later he became a picture framer.  If he was a photographer, it cannot have been 
for long. 
His first picture framing business was in Wanganui and sometime after the 
Second World War he sold that and moved to Hawera where he set up a new 
business.'  [17 July 2001] 
(81) Ind, and Disseminated sclerosis - 10 yrs and fractive neck right femur - 1 
(82) Emily Callaway, Day Book, 'Sidney born Dec 2nd 1879 at 27 Clifton Hill 
christened at St George's Hanover Square W'. 
(83) Ind, 'Cancer. Where We Stand' by Sidney Russ CBE DSc F Inst P, Professor 
Emeritus University of London; formerly Physicist to the Middlesex Hospital; 
Fellow of University College London.  Published by the Oxford University Press 
also by the same author:  'Radium, X-Rays and the Living Cell' [Geo Bell & Sons] 
with H A Colwell 
	'Physics in Medical Radiology' [Chapman & Hall] with L H Clark and B D 
	'Radon - Its Technique and Use' [John Murray] with W A Jennings. 
(84) Emily Callaway, Day Book, 18 Sep 1897:  Sent cheque to G Poland & Son for 
apprenticing Sidney Russ as a furrier and received on the 20th inst a receipt 
for the same     80.-.-, Dwelling:  100 Oxford St 
Census Place:  St Marylebone, London, Middlesex, England 
Source:	  HL Film 1341030     PRO Ref RG11    Piece 0134    Folio 4    Page 
George E. POLAND   M   31   St Marylebone, Middlesex
Furrier, 95. 
(85) Ind, Dr Muffet Collins:'To clarify my father's occupation, no he was not 
medically qualified.  He was a Professor of Physics at London University but his 
main love & abiding interest was radiology, on which he was an authority.  He 
went to study under Roentgen in Germany from whence he brought back both 
technical knowledge & radioactive material, & was a pioneer in this field in 
England.  He collaborated with medical colleagues to study the effects of 
radiation on human tissues - differences in dosage & so on & so he became an 
expert in this branch of mediciine chiefly of course for the treatment of 

See also Frederick Basil Russ. 
(86) DK, 'Charles's brother Sydney, also a London medical doctor and scientist, 
and two servants, also lived in the big house', MJH: DK was wrong.  Sidney had 
no medical qualification. 18. 
(87) DK, "before the end of the war", 25. 
(88) Emily Callaway, Day Book, 'Bertha born March 9th 1881 at 27 Clifton Hill 
christened at St George's registered'. 
(89) Ind, Margaret Neill says 'aged 92'. 
(90) DK, 'Bertha had married a Quaker stationer in 1905', 23. 
(91) Emily Callaway, Day Book, 'Ernest born May 10th 1882 at 27 Clifton Hill 
christened at St George's registered June'. 
(92) Ind, Postcard from Minnie [his niece?] of Camerton Court: "Dear Erney, this 
is Camerton Court not very far from where we live.  When is mother coming back.  
This is the cornation [sic] at Miss Jarrots .  Goodbye with love xxxMinnie  xxx 
hope all is well'. 
(93) Ind, Post card - of Ashgrove Peasedown St John 'Dear E Tthis is a PC of 
Ashgrove  our [?] house is where I have put the X'  signed with intials - 
(94) DK, '..Ernest, a  soldier who had joined the military at the age of sixteen 
and during the Boer War had changed his name to Russell to hide the German 
link', DK is wrong - Ernest changed his name in 1920, 23. 
(95) Emily Callaway, Day Book, 'Albert born December 23rd 1883 at 27 Clifton 
Hill christened at St George's registered Jan'. 
(96) DK, 23. 
(97) Emily Callaway, Day Book, Cheque for operation (Albert)   45.-.- 
	Julius [?]     31.10.-
	An[?anaesthetist] 2. 2.-
	Nursing Home    9.15.-
, 139. 
(98) Emily Callaway, Day Book, Sent Cheque to J. Rigg to refund cash laid out 
for Albert Russ     2.1.- 
	20/5/1900	114	Cheque to Thomas Rigg a/c Albert Russ    25.-.- 

	   "          "          J. Rigg (a/c Albert R)    25.-.-
(99) Emily Callaway, Day Book, 'Frederick Valentine born February 14th 1885 at 
27 Clifton Hill christened at St George's registered April'. 
(100) DK, 'Frederick, following the war, as a civil servant in Her Majesty's [sic] 
Office of Works', 'Frederick Valentine Russ was employed by the Office of Works, 
after his discharge from the Armed Forces in 1919-20, as a technical officer.  
His office/department  had responsibility  for the 'English Heritage' - 
including Wales & Scotland' 

ABR has on p5: 'Uncle Fred trained as an architect'.  This is incorrect. 23. 
(101) DK, 'Frederick, who was still living at home, volunteered for the army.  He 
would fight in the trenches in Belgium.  After his second bout of pneumonia, 
however, the army refused to send him back to the front, so he became a 
balloonist in the Royal Flying Corps', Dean King is wrong - Fred was married by 
the start of the War; he moved from Hemel Hempstead [poultry farming] to Ealing 
probably close to the outbreak of the War.
[CSF], 17. 
(102) Emily Callaway, Day Book, Jun 21 1902; Fred entered apprenticeship at Mr 
Thomas Owen Cabinet Maker 18 Oldbury Place Marylebone, Premium 50, 25 on 
signing and 25 in 6 months repayable as wages 1st year 4/- wk, 2nd 7/- 3rd yr 
10/-, 128. 
(103) Carolyn Findell, Notes, (2001). 
(104) Ind, Married from Hillside, 60 Lowlands Road, Harrow, Middx. 
(105) DK, 'Emily delivered Walter, her twelfth and next-to-last child, on 13 July 
1886.', 12. 
(106) Emily Callaway, Day Book, 'Walter born July 13th 1886 at 27 Clifton Hill 
christened at St George's Hanover Square and registered August'. 
(107) Emily Callaway, Day Book, 'Died Sunday evening Dec 13th 1886 at 27 Clifton 
Hill: interred at Hampstead Cemetery'. 
(108) DK, 'Five months later - on the evening of 13 December - a cinder sparked 
from the fireplace and set fire to the linen in his crib.  Walter burned to 
death', 12. 
(109) Emily Callaway, Day Book, 'William born March 22nd at 27 Clifton Hill 
christened at St George's Hanover Square & registered April'. 
(110) DK, 'William, the baby of the family, joined an artillery unit and was 
stationed outside London, not far from the home of his brother Charles.', 17. 
(111) ABR, 'He served in the First War as an Artillery Officer', 5. 
(112) DK, 'rugged, raw-boned William, who became a geologist and explored Nigeria', 
(113) ABR, 'William, the youngest, was also a favourite of ours.  His work as a 
geologist took him to Nigeria for six months of the year, but the other six 
months he would spend in London recording his field work and we would see quite 
a bit of him', 5. 

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