19 Dec 2001                   

        Husband: William RUSS  nickname: Will   died at age: 82 
           Born: 22 Mar 1888          at 27 Clifton Hill St John's Wood  1
       Baptized:                      at St George's Hanover Square  2
           Died: July 1971              
      Education:                      Shebbear College, North Devon  3
       Military: 1914 - 1918 Artillery  4,5
     Occupation:                      Geologist in Nigeria  6,7
         Father: Christian Carl Gottfried RUSS 
         Mother: Emily CALLAWAY 

           Wife: Florence WRIGHT  

      F Child 1: Marion Olive Beryl RUSS  died at age: 74 
           Born: 31 Aug 1925            
           Died: 5 Jul 2000             
         Spouse: Robert Edward Stewart WHITEHOUSE  
        Married: 27 Sep 1949            
(1) Emily Callaway, Day Book, 'William born March 22nd at 27 Clifton Hill 
christened at St George's Hanover Square & registered April'. 
(2) Emily Callaway, Day Book. 
(3) DK, 12. 
(4) DK, 'William, the baby of the family, joined an artillery unit and was 
stationed outside London, not far from the home of his brother Charles.', 17. 
(5) ABR, 'He served in the First War as an Artillery Officer', 5. 
(6) DK, 'rugged, raw-boned William, who became a geologist and explored Nigeria', 
(7) ABR, 'William, the youngest, was also a favourite of ours.  His work as a 
geologist took him to Nigeria for six months of the year, but the other six 
months he would spend in London recording his field work and we would see quite 
a bit of him', 5. 

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