19 Mar 2008                   

        Husband: Frederick Valentine RUSS  died at age: 68 
           Born: 14 Feb 1885          at 27 Clifton Hill St John's Wood  1
       Baptized:                      at St George's Hanover Square  2
           Died: 3 May 1953             
        Resided: during WW II         in Stevenage Herts  
        Resided: 22 Jun 1910          at The Orchard, Murray Rd Northwood  
        Resided: 22 Oct 1912          at Kilncotes, Bennetts End Hemel Hempstead Herts  
        Resided: 1914 - 1953          at 73 Kingsley Ave West Ealing  
 Cause of death:                      Cerebral haemorrhage  
      Education:                      Shebbear College, North Devon  
      Education:                      apprenticed as cabinet maker  2a
     Occupation:                      Civil Servant HM Ministry of Works  3
       Military: 1914 - 1918          Army and Royal Flying Corps  4
         Father: Christian Carl Gottfried RUSS 
         Mother: Emily CALLAWAY 

           Wife: Helen Caroline BLISS  nickname: Nellie   died at age: 85 
        Married: 5 Mar 1910           at St George's Hanover Square    his age: 25  her age: 24 5
           Born: 20 Nov 1885            
           Died: 10 Mar 1971          in Kingston Surrey  5
        Resided: 1953 - 1963 [c]      at 73 Kingsley Ave West Ealing  

      M Child 1: Frederick Basil RUSS  died at age: 90 
           Born: 23 Nov 1910            
           Died: 28 May 2001            
        Resided: 1944                 in Winchester Hants  
        Resided: 1953 - 2000          in Wickham Hants  
       Cremated: 21 Aug 2001          ashes scattered on the golf course  [obit]
       Military: 1941                 called up for Navy - and found unfit  
     Occupation:                      Parker Farm Secretary and company secretary  
        Medical:                      Cancer of the tongue  
      F Child 2: Rita Constance Muriel RUSS  age: 90 
           Born: 22 Jan 1918            
           Died: 17 Mar 2008          in Laguna Hills California              
      Emigrated: 1947                 to USA  
        Resided: 2001                 in Laguna Hills California  
         Spouse: Roy Lee BURT  d. May 1959  
        Married: Mar 1946             in Ealing  6
      F Child 3: Brenda Doris RUSS  age: 87 
           Born: 12 Dec 1920            
          Event: May 1959             on first domestic TWA jet flight  
         Spouse: Owen Chatterton RUSSELL  b. 14 Jan 1918  
        Married: 3 Dec 1946           at St Stephens Church Ealing  
(1) Emily Callaway, Day Book, 'Frederick Valentine born February 14th 1885 at 
27 Clifton Hill christened at St George's registered April'. 
(2) Emily Callaway, Day Book. 
(2a)    ditto    p128: Jun 21 1902; Fred entered apprenticeship at Mr Thomas Owen Cabinet Maker 
18 Oldbury Place Marylebone, Premium 50, 25 on signing and 25 in 6 months 
repayable as wages 1st year 4/- wk, 2nd 7/- 3rd yr 10/-
(3) DK, 'Frederick, following the war, as a civil servant in Her Majesty's [sic] 
Office of Works', 'Frederick Valentine Russ was employed by the Office of Works, 
after his discharge from the Armed Forces in 1919-20, as a technical officer.  
His office/department  had responsibility  for the 'English Heritage' - 
including Wales & Scotland' 

ABR has on p5: 'Uncle Fred trained as an architect'.  This is incorrect. 23. 
(4) DK, 'Frederick, who was still living at home, volunteered for the army.  He 
would fight in the trenches in Belgium.  After his second bout of pneumonia, 
however, the army refused to send him back to the front, so he became a 
balloonist in the Royal Flying Corps', Dean King is wrong - Fred was married by 
the start of the War; he moved from Hemel Hempstead [poultry farming] to Ealing 
probably close to the outbreak of the War.
[CSF], 17. 
(5) Carolyn Findell, Notes (2001). 
(6) Findell, Photo of wedding. 

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