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            Husband: Albert RUSS     died at age: 66 
               Born: 23 Dec 1883          at 27 Clifton Hill St John's Wood  1
  Medical condition:                      had a problem with his eyes  2
           Baptized:                      at St George's Hanover Square  3
          Education:                      Shebbear College, North Devon  4
  Medical condition:  9 Oct 1894          had an operation  5
         Occupation:                      Draper  6
             Census: 31 Mar 1901          at 1 Bagshot Villas, South View Ave Caversham Oxon  7
         Occupation: 13 Oct 1903          Royal Horticultural Society  8
         Occupation: 28 Apr 1915          Draper (Master)  9
            Resided: 28 Apr 1915          in Aspley Guise Bedfordshire  10
               Died: before 1950            
             Father: Christian Carl Gottfried RUSS 
             Mother: Emily CALLAWAY 

               Wife: Maude Lucy EAGER     
            Married: 28 Oct 1907          in Register Office, St Pancras  11
               Born: 1880                 in London Marylebone  12
               Died:                      buried in St Pancras churchyard  13
            Resided: 28 Oct 1907          at 42 London St, St Pancras  14
             Census: Mar 1901             in 36 London St, St Pancras  15
             Father: William EAGER 
             Mother: Naomi McQUOIN 

          M Child 1: Kenneth Albert RUSS       died at age: 83 
               Born: 26 Apr 1915          in Aspley Guise Bedford  16
               Died: 5 Aug 1998           in Royal Hampshire County Hospital, Winchester  17
          Education: c 1930               boarding school Brighton  18
           Military: c1939 - 1955         Royal Engineers  19
           Military: WW 2                 India  20
           Military: 1953                 Army of Occupation Vienna  21
         Occupation: c 1955 -1975         Electrician & Engineer British Rail, Eastleigh  22,23
             Spouse: Anna Paulina SCHOBER  b. 26 Jun 1922  
   Resided (family): c 1954 - 1998        at 35 Escombe Road, Bishopstoke, Eastleigh, Hants  24
            Married: 1953                 in Vienna  25

(1) Emily Callaway, Day Book, 'Albert born December 23rd 1883 at 27 Clifton 
Hill christened at St George's registered Jan'. 
(2) ABR, Albert had poor eyesight - Findell tree, 5. 
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(4) DK, 'Soon thereafter [death of Walter 13 Dec 1886] the eight surviving boys 
were dispatched to Shebbear College, a long-established boarding school in north 
Devon.  Charles, at the age of eleven, and his younger brothers Emil, Percy and 
Sidney (who was just eight years old) left home in 1888.  Ernest, Albert, 
Frederick and William soon completed the Russ contingent at Shebbear, a school 
founded by a Low Church group and later affiliated with the Methodist Church.  
The brothers often remained at school even during the holidays. 
Boarding school was primarily a privilege of the rich, but conditions at 
Shebbear did not betray the fact.  The boys took to eating their peach stones to 
stave off hunger, a habit that little Sidney would maintain for the rest of his 
life.  When at home, the brothers proved that they had absorbed their Latin 
lessons, calling their mother 'Mater'.  But they were not coddled at home 
either.  'Pater' would not tolerate idleness or airs in his boys, who during 
holidays were put to work learning the furrier trade', 12. 
(5) Emily Callaway, Day Book, Cheque for operation (Albert)   45.-.- 
	Julius [?]  31.10.- 
	An              2.2.-  [?anaesthetist]
	Nursing Home   9.15.-
, 139. 
(6) DK, 23. 
(7) Census 1901, Albert Russ age 17 boarder  apprentice to nurseryman 
Thomas Rigg nurseryman florist age 39 born Ambleside Westmoreland; his wife 
Rebecca Jane age 39 born St Kew Cornwall; their children Frederick age 12 born 
Birkenhead Cheshire, Margery age 5 born Caversham, and Arthur John age 3 born 
Caversham, RG13-1371-80-7 SN46. 
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(11) Certificate, Marriage solemnized at The Register Office in the District of St 
Pancras in the County of London 
col 196: Twenty eighth October 1907 
Albert Russ - age 23 Bachelor - Florist of 53 London Street - Father Charles Russ (deceased) Furrier 
and Maude Lucy Eager - age 27 Spinster - of 42 London Street - father William Eager (deceased) China Merchant 
Witnesses: Naomi Eager and August Raab before J E Stevens Registrar and Alfred A Millward Supt Registrar, 
August Raab [1901 Census] was a tailor living at 117 Charlotte St, St Pancras - age 31 born St Pancras
 - married to Mabel Raab age 24 born Chelsea. 
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(13) Ind, Anna Russ Sep 2005. 
(14) Certificate. 
(15) Census 1901, 36 London St, St Pancras in the Parish of St John the Evangelist: 
William Eager - age 55 born London Marylebone - China & Glass Assistant 
Naomi Eager - wife age 53 born London Marylebone - Waistcoat maker - working at home 
Maud S Eager - daughter -age 21 born London Marylebone - no occupation 
Grace J Eager [sic] - son age 18 born London St Pancras - Waiter 
Cyril A Eager - son age 12 - born London St Pancras, Maud S - rather than Maude 
Lucy as in Marriage Certificate - and Grace - son!, RG13-137-98-39-266. 
(16) Certified Copy, Twenty sixth April 1915 Aspley Guise R.D - Kenneth Albert - 
Boy - Father Albert Russ Draper (Master) - Mother Maud Lucy Russ formerly Eager 
- Informant Father, resident Aspley Guise - Registered Twenty first May 1915 - - 
Registrar M Matthews, col 333. 
(17) Certified Copy, Cause of death Bronchopneumonia with Chronic Obstructive Airways Disease. 
Inquest held 14 October 1998 by Simon Burge deuty Coroner for Hampshire (Central).  
Verdict Natural Causes. Have written to Burge for further and better particulars. 
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