1 Jan 2002                   

        Husband: Percy RUSS  died at age: 78 
           Born: 10 Nov 1878          at 27 Clifton Hill St John's Wood  1
       Baptized:                      at St George's Hanover Square  
           Died: 23 Jan 1957          in Hawera NZ  
      Emigrated: 9 Feb 1900           to New Zealand on the 'Whatakane' 2
        Resided:                      in Wanganui North Island NZ  3
      Education: 1888                 Shebbear College, North Devon  4
     Occupation: 16 Jan 1895          apprenticed as cabinet maker to Frank Praill of Tottenham Court Road, London  5
     Occupation:                      Cabinet maker, picture framer and photographer in New Zealand  6,7,8,9
 Cause of death:                      Bronchopneumonia - 12 hrs before death  
         Father: Christian Carl Gottfried RUSS
         Mother: Emily CALLAWAY 

           Wife: Agnes Maud ARMSTRONG  died at age: 85 
        Married: 24 Apr 1902          in Wanganui North Island NZ    his age: 23  her age: 22 
           Born: 12 Apr 1880          in Wanganui North Island NZ  
           Died: 30 Jul 1965          in Eltham NZ  
         Father: James Douglas ARMSTRONG 
         Mother: Annie McDonald ANDERSON 

      M Child 1: Douglas Charles RUSS  nickname: Pat   died at age: 61 
           Born: 20 Oct 1902          in Auckland NZ  
           Died: 3 Apr 1964           in Brisbane Queensland  
         Spouse: Dorothy Leah YOUNG  b. 29 Dec 1900  d. 27 Aug 1980  
        Married: 12 Nov 1927          in Registrar's Office, Wanganui  
      M Child 2: Allen Percy RUSS  died at age: 59 
           Born: 28 Apr 1904          in Wanganui North Island NZ  
           Died: 15 Oct 1963          in New Plymouth NZ  
     Occupation:                      Picture framer  
         Spouse: Harriet Lucy KIFF  b. 2 Apr 1912  d. 23 Mar 1994  
        Married: 28 Jun 1934          in St Agnes Church, Tayforth  
      M Child 3: Unnamed RUSS  died at age: 0 
           Born: 30 Dec 1909          in Wanganui North Island NZ  
           Died: 1 Jan 1910           in Wanganui North Island NZ  
         Buried:                      in Wanganui North Island NZ  
 Cause of death:                      prematurity [6 months baby]  
(1) Emily Callaway, Day Book, 'Percy born November 10th 1878 at 27 Clifton 
Hill, St John's Wd. Christened at St George's Reg. Dec 18th 1878'. 
(2) Carolyn FINDELL (24 Jun 2001). 
Emily Callaway, Day Book pps 116, 117, 122, 124
Nov 6 1900: Advance to Percy Russ cycle  20
Dec 17 1900: J.B. Westray & Co a/c Percy Russ  Shipping charges 2.4.0
Dec 9 1901: Percy to start in business 280
                        per Charles to buy camera  20
Feb 4 1901: Cash advanced to Percy  223.2.6
Feb 7 1902: Percy Russ 200 & Cabling charges 1.16.2

MJH: suggests he left for  New Zealand around the end of 1900; as he married 24 Apr 1902, 
he presumably did not go out in 1902!
Luanne Gooch: Yesterday 15/08/2007 I went on a trip to the New Zealand Archives in Wellington
and located the Ship that Percy came to New Zealand on. I was thrilled as I have been searching 
for years and now it seems they have catalogued 1900 onwards. The name of the ship was the "Whakatane"
The Master's name was "Sutcliffe" Port of embarkation was "London" The ship left London on the 9th February 
1900 for a voyage of 90 days to Wellington, New Zealand. Percy is listed as
 ..Russ Mr P ...   Gentleman ... a Saloon passenger. The schedule is stamped with The New Zealand   
Shipping Co Ltd, Henry J Waring & Co, Agents Plymouth
(3) ABR, 5. 
(4) DK, 12. 
(5) Indenture. 
(6) DK, 'Percy, a photographer, who lived in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand', 23. 
(7) ABR, 'Percy became a photographer and emigrated to New Zealand, settling in 
the Hawkes Bay, Napier District of the North Island in Wanganui.  One of his 
sons was killed in the earthquake of 1934',5. 
MJH: Wanganui is not in Hawkes Bay, and ABR's claim that one of Percy's sons died 
in 1934 in an earthquake is not borne out by their given dates of death
(8) Lenore Amos: [17 July 2001] 'Percy was a cabinet maker even when he had a picture 
framing business.  It appears that Percy paid his own way to NZ.  His death certificate 
shows he had been in NZ for 56 years so he presumably came in 1900 or 1901.  
When he married in April 1902 his occupation was "cabinet maker".  Later he 
became a picture framer.  If he was a photographer, it cannot have been for long.
His first picture framing business was in Wanganui and sometime after the Second 
World War he sold that and moved to Hawera where he set up a new business.'  
(9) Lenore Amos: [6 Sep 2003] 'Our  family always knew that Percy went to India.  
According to a cousin of my father's he went around the beginning of the 1900's.  
At that time he and my grandmother were living in Auckland.  Percy had started up a cabinet
making business with another man.  He supposedly went to India to meet his
two doctor brothers.  John says this can't be true as Charles never went to
India. Anyway, while he was in India his partner absconded with the assets
of the business.  I gather he was left without his tools or his money.
Percy and Agnes returned to Wanganui where they lived for some time with
Agnes's parents before he eventually started up the picture framing

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