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               Wife: Mary Ann CULLEN    
               Born: 1840                 in Langport Somerset  1,2
            Resided: 1861                 at 7 Upper York Place Marylebone - with parents  2
         Occupation: 1861                 Dressmaker  2
         Occupation:                      Court Dressmaker and Milliner  3,4
         Retirement: 1895                   5
            Resided: 1925                 in Belswains Hemel Hempsted  5
             Father: Robert CULLEN 
             Mother: Ann ROBERTS 
Other spouse 2
Other spouse 3

            Husband: Edward William HARTE      died at age: 35 
            Married: 10 Mar 1861          in St Marylebone Parish Church  6,7
               Born: 1839                 in St Marylebone Middx  8,9
               Died: 28 Apr 1874            5
         Occupation: 1861                 Book seller  10
         Occupation: 1861                 Publisher's Clerk  11
         Occupation: 1861                 Publisher's assistant  12
         Occupation: 1866                 Bookseller  13
         Occupation: 1873                 Publisher  14
         Occupation:                      Independent Means  
           Military:                      London Scottish Regiment  15
            Resided: 1861? - 1874 in 22/24 St Ann's Terrace St John's Wood  16
             Father: Patrick Porte HARTE
             Mother: Jane Frances SKEET 

          F Child 1: Annie Jane HARTE      Census name Annie I Force 17
               Born: 4 May 1861           at 7 Upper York Place St Johns Wood London  18,19,20
             Census: 1881                 in Court dressmaker [aged 19]  21
         Not living:                        
             Buried:                      Highgate Cemetery  22
             Spouse: William James FOXELL  Census name William L Force 23b. 20 Apr 1857  
            Married: 20 Apr 1881          St Marylebone Parish Church London  24,25,26
          F Child 2: Blanche Frances HARTE      
               Born: 1865                 St Johns Wood London  27
         Occupation: 1881                 Court dressmaker [aged 16]  28
         Not living:                        
             Spouse: Frank CHALLEN  b. 1863  
    Census (family): 31 Mar 1901          at 20 West Hill St Pancras  29
          F Child 3: Mary Gertrude HARTE      
               Born: 8 Mar 1866           at 7 Upper York Place St John's Wood Marylebone  30,31
         Not living:                        
             Spouse: Unknown HAMILTON  
          M Child 4: Harry Edward HARTE      
               Born: 1868                 in Marylebone London  32,33
         Not living:                        
         Occupation: 1901                 Clerk - Solicitors Board of Trade  34
             Spouse: Lillie E UNKNOWN  b. 1868  
    Census (family): 31 Mar 1901          at 40 Dornton Rd Streatham  33
          M Child 5: Herbert HARTE      
               Born: 1869                 in Marylebone London  35
               Died:                      after 1881  36
         Not living:                        
          F Child 6: Florence Adela HARTE       died at age: 64 
               Born: 1872                   
               Died: 21 Sep 1936            
     Cause of death:                      Mediastinal carcinoma; breast carcinoma  37
      Never married:                        
         Occupation:                      Spinster of independent means  
             Census: 31 Mar 1901          at the Precincts Christ Church Cathedral Canterbury  38
            Resided:                      at 3 Bracken Road, Bournemouth  
          M Child 7: Percy Charles HARTE       died at age: 73 
               Born: 3 Aug 1873           in 2 St Ann's Terrace Marylebone  39
         Occupation: 1901                 Chief Secretary's Clerk L S W Bank  40
         Occupation: 1912                 Joint City Manager London & South Western Bank  41
         Occupation: 1932                 Treasurer Barclays Bank  42,43
               Died: 4 Jan 1947           in Totteridge North London  
            Probate: 7 Mar 1947           at Principal Probate Registry London  44
     Cause of death:                      Congestive cardiac failure; myocardial degradation; chronic bronchitis  
            Resided:                      at Ashmount, Woodside Avenue Finchley  
             Spouse: Edith RUSS  b. 17 Jun 1875  d. 10 Feb 1940  
   Resided (family):                      at Glen Wathen, Finchley North London  
            Married: 5 July 1897          in St John's Wood Presbyterian Church  45,46
    Census (family): 31 Mar 1901          at 27 Cranley Gardens Hornsey Middx  47

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Cullen-Roberts in England, except that the family was quite well off, lived in 
St John's Wood, the address escapes me at the moment, and that your Grandmother 
was Dressmaker to the Queen.' 
'Some of the children went to St Marylebone and All Saints School, now extinct.  
I am sure Edith went there and one of the boys also.', 18 Jun 62. 
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(6) Certified Copy, 10th March 1861 - Edward William Harte & Mary Ann Cullen - of 
full age - Bachelor & Spinster - EWH a book seller - both of St Marylebone - 
fathers: Patrick James Harte gentleman and Robert Cullen carpenter.  Married in 
the Parish Church St Marylebone after Banns by James P Garrick Curate.  
Witnesses Robert Cullen & Jane Frances Harte [mother] 
(7) High Court of Justice (1925), 'I was married three times namely (1) on the 
10th March 1861  to Edward William Harte who died on the 28th April 1874', 
Affidavit of 1925 states that Mary Ann Ormandy has EIGHT children by Edward 
William Harte - no other evidence for this has yet been found [Jun 2001] 
(8) Ind, DoB from H E Harte's notes - seems unlikely.  May be 1840? or 
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his tartan and kilts for many years and I have some of his ornaments today which 
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Dr Jane Bond. 
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was flower girl at Florence Challen's wedding and Edith [Roberts] was flower 
girl at Annie Foxell's wedding', Florence Challen is presumably a mix up by 
Roberts - Blanche Francis Harte married Frank Challen; Florence Harte was 
unmarried, 18 Jun 62. 
(25) Census 1881, 1881 Census has William Foxell as married - and Annie Harte 
living with mother and unmarried!  Perhaps the enumerators called on different 
dates either side of 20 Apr, RG11-1735-76 p7. 
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was visiting her eldest sister Annie.  Census return should show Foxell not 
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financial affairs of the Country.   With a balance sheet running into over 
23,000,000 and a reserve equal to its capital, it is fully fitted to fill such 
a position, and its claims have been completely recognised.  Mr. Hambling 
[General Manager] has Mr. Straker as his Assistant General Manager and the City 
Office is under the control of Messrs. P.C. Harte and J.J. Spear', 13. 
(42) A.W. Tuke & R.J.H. Gillman, Barclays Bank Limited 1926 - 1969 (Barclays 
Bank1972), 'On the day when Bank Rate was reduced to 2 per cent, 30 June 1932, 
an offer was announced to exchange the 5 per cent War loan, which was redeemable 
at any time between 1929 and 1947, into an irredeemable 3.5 per cent stock, and 
big holders such as ourselves were put under severe moral pressure to accept.  
It had been generally believed that because of the immense amount of this stock 
in issue, over 2,000 million, the Government would have to tackle it piecemeal, 
but not only did they redeem it in one bite, but they offered an irredeemable 
stock in exchange for a redeemable one, which was not at all in accordance with 
the best traditions of the City.  This event was particularly galling to us 
because it was not long since our Treasurer, Percy Harte, holding strongly the 
belief to which I have referred, and expressing it very dogmatically as was his 
custom, had persuaded the Chairman that we should be wise to sell our holding of 
3.5 per cent Conversion Stock, another irredeemable security, at about 90 and 
buy in its place the redeemable 5 per cent War Loan at something over par.  
Imagine their feelings when they discovered that they had sold a stock at 90 and 
bought back at over 100 one which was scarcely distinguishable from it.  F.C.G 
[F C Goodenough - Chairman] never forgave Harte for this error of judgement, but 
Harte was in good company.  A little later I heard a whisper that the investor 
on the other end of this transaction was the Midland Bank, but I do not suppose 
that anyone dared tell F.C.G. this; certainly I did not.  Se non e vero, e ben 
trovato', 34. 
(43) A.W. Tuke & R.J.H. Gillman, Barclays Bank Limited 1926 - 1969 (Barclays 
Bank1972), 'Another scandal where we were bankers to the company was that of the 
Royal Mail Steam Packet Company. Here the company did not fail, though it had to 
be reorganized, but its chairman, Lord Kylsant, found himself in the dock, and 
eventually in prison, because of a failure which could be described as technical 
to disclose in a prospectus that certain losses had been met out of reserves and 
that dividends had been paid without that fact having been stated.  It is highly 
unlikely that Lord Kylsant intended at any time to be dishonest, but he was not 
accustomed to listening to advice if it did not suit him: a typical case of 
'hubris' being visited by its inevitable 'nemesis'.  Although we were one of the 
bankers to the company, our name fortunately did not appear on the prospectus in 
question.  We have already met the Bank's treasurer, Percy Harte, in connection 
with an investment transaction which did not turn out very happily.  One of the 
treasurer's sidelines was the 'vetting' of any customer's prospectus on which 
the Bank's name was to appear, and in these cases, although we took no 
reponsibility for the issue and merely had to receive the applications, we were 
accustomed to look at the draft with a critical eye and if necessary to require 
alterations to be made before it was issued.  When the Royal Mail prospectus 
came along Harte found one or two flaws in it, and told his Lordship's minion 
that certain alterations would have to be made if the Bank's name was to appear. 
The minion said 'I can't tell Lord Kylsant that', to which Harte replied 'All 
right, send him to me; I'll tell him'.  Charged with this even more embarrassing 
message the minion withdrew, and we later heard that our support was not 
required.', 38. 
(44) Probate Registry certified copy, 'And it is hereby certified...........that 
the gross value of the said Estate in Great Britain..............amounts to 102 
770 - 2 - 8 and that the net value of the personal estate amounts to 97 454 - 
10 -4.  And it is further certified.............that 33 010- 13 - 6 on account 
of Estate Duty and interest in such duty has been paid'. 
(45) DK, 'Edith had married a bank clerk', 23. 
(46) Certified Copy, 'aged 23 - bank clerk, residing at 7 Gladys Road, Hampstead  
to Edith Russ aged 21 spinster; of 27 Clifton Hill, Marylebone at St John's Wood 
Presbyterian Church, Marlborough Place by certificate by J M Gibson'. 
(47) Census 1901, Shown as Percy Charles and Edith  HART, RG13-1244-127-34 

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