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Wife: Mary Ann CULLEN Resided: 1925 in Belswains Hemel Hempsted 1 Retirement: 1895 1 Occupation: Court Dressmaker and Milliner 2,3 Father: Robert CULLEN Mother: Ann ROBERTS Other Spouse 1 Other Spouse 3
Husband: Charles Tony MARCHAND Married: 17 Aug 1875 1 Born: in France? Died: 7 Jun 1876 4 Cause of death: Pneumonia Father: Mother: Sources: (1) High Court of Justice (1925). (2) High Court of Justice (1925), 'During the lifetime of my first husband I commenced to carry on business on my own account as a Court Dressmaker and Milliner'. (3) Thomas Cullen Roberts, Letters, 'I don't know very much about the Cullen-Roberts in England, except that the family was quite well off, lived in St John's Wood, the address escapes me at the moment, and that your Grandmother was Dressmaker to the Queen.' 'Some of the children went to St Marylebone and All Saints School, now extinct. I am sure Edith went there and one of the boys also.', 18 Jun 62. (4) High Court of Justice (1925), 'In the matter of Thomas Ormandy deceased'. Name Index