19 Dec 2002                   

       Husband: William James FOXELL    Census name William L Force   
          Born: 20 Apr 1857          Marylebone London  1,2,3
    Not living:                        
     Graduated:                      in London University MA PhD BMus  
        Census: 1881                 at Chigwell Grammar School  4
        Census: 31 Mar 1901          in The Precincts, Christ Church Cathedral Canterbury  1
       Resided: 1933                 at 91 Onslow Gardens London SW 7  5
         Event:                      Publications  6
    Occupation: 1881 - 1883 Assistant master in Holy Orders Chigwell Grammar School  7
    Occupation: 1883 - 1886 Headmaster Amersham Grammar School & Chaplain Amersham Union  8
    Occupation: 1886 - 1903 Minor Canon Canterbury Cathedral  8
    Occupation: 1887 - 1898 Curate St Margaret's Canterbury  8
    Occupation: 1899 - 1903 Diocesan Inspector - Canterbury Diaconate  8
    Occupation: 1901                 Clergyman Canterbury Cathedral  9
    Occupation: 1903 - ? Rector St Swithins Cannon St London  8
    Occupation: 1917 & 1921          President of Sion College  8
        Father: John Allen FOXELL 
        Mother: Emma LANCHESTER 

          Wife: Annie Jane HARTE     Census name Annie I Force   
       Married: 20 Apr 1881          St Marylebone Parish Church London  10,11,12
          Born: 4 May 1861           at 7 Upper York Place St Johns Wood London  13,1,14
        Census: 1881                 in Court dressmaker [aged 19]  15
    Not living:                        
         Father: Edward William HARTE 
         Mother: Mary Ann CULLEN 

     M Child 1: John Theodore FOXELL  Nickname Jack   
          Born: 1882                 Chigwell Essex  16,17
    Not living:                        
        Census: 31 Mar 1901          at Christs Hospital Newgate St London E 1  17
        Spouse: UNKNOWN  
        Spouse: UNKNOWN  
       Married:                      aged 74  18
     M Child 2: Edward William Lanchester FOXELL  died at age: 33 
          Born: 1884                 in Amersham Bucks  19,20
          Died: 11 Jun 1917          in Pas de Calais  21
        Census: 31 Mar 1901          at The Cedars Wincheap St Canterbury Kent  22
     Graduated: 1906                 BSc University College London; Fellow Chemical Society  
     Education:                      Simon Langton School Canterbury  
    Occupation: 1907 - 1914 Christs Hospital - Assistant Teacher  
      Military:                      Captain 7th Bn The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)  
     M Child 3: Lambert Francis E FOXELL  Census name Lambert L Force    
          Born: 1886                 in Canterbury Kent  23,1
    Not living:                        
        Census: 31 Mar 1901          in The Precinct Christ Church Canterbury  24
     M Child 4: Maurice Frederick FOXELL  Census name Maurice L Force   died at age: 92 
          Born: 15 Aug 1888          in Canterbury Kent  25,1,8
        Census: 1901                 at The Precincts Christ Church Canterbury  1
     Graduated:                      MA Queens College Oxford  8
         Event: 1965                 Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order  26
         Event:                      Publications  27
          Died: 7 May 1981           in College of St Barnabas Lingfield Surrey  28
     Education:                      Christs Hospital  8
    Occupation: 1911 - 1915 Assistant Curate St Paul's Hammersmith  8
    Occupation: 1915 - 1917 Assistant Curate Friern Barnet  8
    Occupation: 1917 - 1921 Minor Canon St George's Chapel Windsor  8
    Occupation: 1921 - 1939 Minor Canon and Succentor St Paul's Cathedral  8
    Occupation: 1939 - ? Honorary Minor Canon St Paul's Cathedral London  8
    Occupation: 1939 - 1964 Rector St James' Garlickhythe London EC 4  8
    Occupation: 1948 - 1965 Sub-Dean of HM Chapels Royal, Sub-Almoner, Deputy Clerk of the Closet & Domestic Chaplain  29
    Occupation: 1965 - ? Extra Chaplain to the Queen  8
        Spouse: Marianna FOUNTAIN  d. 1975  
       Married: 1914                   8
     M Child 5: Humphrey Leonard FOXELL  Census name Humphery L Force    
          Born: 1891                 in Canterbury Kent  30,1
    Not living:                        31
        Census: 1901                 at The Precincts Christ Church Canterbury  1
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Census returns give conflicting evidence - 1881 has age 24 and 1901 has 43. 
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was flower girl at Florence Challen's wedding and Edith [Roberts] was flower 
girl at Annie Foxell's wedding', Florence Challen is presumably a mix up by 
Roberts - Blanche Francis Harte married Frank Challen; Florence Harte was 
unmarried, 18 Jun 62. 
(11) Census 1881, 1881 Census has William Foxell as married - and Annie Harte 
living with mother and unmarried!  Perhaps the enumerators called on different 
dates either side of 20 Apr, RG11-1735-76 p7. 
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(21) Commonwealth War Graves Commission, (www.cwgc.org), In Memory of  
Captain 7th Bn., The Buffs (East Kent Regiment) 
who died on Monday, 11th June 1917. 
Age 33. 
Additional Information:  
Son of the Rev. William James and Annie Jane Foxell, of St. Swithin's Rectory, 
Cannon St., London, E.C. 4. B.Sc., University College, London, and a Fellow of 
the Chemical Society. 
Commemorative Information
Calais, France 
Grave Reference/Panel Number: III. A. 2. 
The town of Frevent is 39 kilometres west of Arras, 12 kilometres south of St 
Pol and 16 kilometres south-east of Hesdin. St Hilaire Cemetery and Extension is 
on the eastern side of the town on the south side of the secondary road to 
Sericourt (D54). 
Historical Information:  
Frevent was, from its position, a place of some importance on the Lines of 
Communication. It came into the British area for all purposes in March 1916. The 
43rd Casualty Clearing Station was posted there from April to June 1916; part of 
the Lucknow Casualty Clearing Station in June; the 6th Stationary Hospital from 
June 1916 to the end of August 1918; and the 3rd Canadian, 19th and 43rd 
Casualty Clearing Stations in the summer of 1918. The great majority of the 
burials in the Cemetery were carried out from these hospitals. During the 
1939-45 War the greater part of Frevent was destroyed by bombing. An aerial 
torpedo fell in the cemetery, which is near the railway line, damaging some of 
the graves; but the British plot was not affected. There are now over 200, 
1914-18 and over 10, 1939-45 war casualties commemorated in this cemetery.
(22) Census 1901, shown as single - visitor - age 16 - born Amersham Bucks 
Hd of household Stephen Hoorton Williamson, RG13-792-131-1 SN1. 
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(31) Ind, Roberts suggests 'Killed 1914-1918' but someone has overwritten 'No'.  
CWGC has no record of Humphrey as a war casualty. 

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