6 Mar 2005                   

            Husband: Robert CULLEN    
               Born: 1813                 in Langport, Somerset  1
         Not living:                        
         Occupation: 1861                 Carpenter  2
              Event: 10 Mar 1861          at St Marylebone Parish Church - witness to his daughter's wedding  3
            Resided: 1861                 in 7 Upper York Place, Marylebone  2
         Occupation:                      Builder of Langport Somerset  
         Father: Hugh CULLEN 
         Mother: Elizabeth CARY 

               Wife: Ann ROBERTS     
               Born: 1799                 in Putney Surrey  4
         Not living:                        
         Occupation:                      Headmistress National School  5
            Resided: 1861                 at 7 Upper York Place, Marylebone  2
             Father: Unknown ROBERTS 
             Mother: UNKNOWN 

          F Child 1: Mary Ann CULLEN      
               Born: 1840                 in Langport Somerset  6,2
            Resided: 1861                 at 7 Upper York Place Marylebone - with parents  2
         Occupation: 1861                 Dressmaker  2
         Occupation:                      Court Dressmaker and Milliner  7,8
         Retirement: 1895                   9
            Resided: 1925                 in Belswains Hemel Hempsted  9
             Spouse: Edward William HARTE  b. 1839  d. 28 Apr 1874  
            Married: 10 Mar 1861          in St Marylebone Parish Church  10,11
             Spouse: Charles Tony MARCHAND  d. 7 Jun 1876  
            Married: 17 Aug 1875            9
             Spouse: Thomas ORMANDY  b. 1839  d. 19 May 1924  
            Married: 13 Jul 1878            9
    Census (family): 31 Mar 1901          at Belswains House Abbots Langley Herts  12
          M Child 2: Peter Bates Thomas CULLEN      Also known as Thomas Cullen ROBERTS 13 died at age: 82 
               Born: 1842                 in nr Langport Somerset  14,2
               Died: 1924                 in USA  
            Resided: 1861                 at 7 Upper York Place Marylebone  2
         Occupation: 1861                 Solicitor's General Clerk  2
            Resided: 1881                 at 10 Loudoun Rd St John's Wood  
          Emigrated: 1887/88              to USA  
         Occupation:                      Certified Public Accountant  15
             Spouse: Caroline Ellen HALL  b. 1842  d. 1906  

(1) Census 1861, 
CULLEN, Robert	Head	Married	M	48	Carpenter	Langport Somerset 
CULLEN, Ann	Wife	Married	F	60	Carpenters Wife	Putney Surrey 
CULLEN, Thomas	Son	Unmarried	M	18	Solicitors General Clerk	Langport Somerset 
HART, Edwd Willm	Son	Married	M	22	... Clerk	St Marylebone Middlesex 
HART, Mary Ann	Daughter	Married	F	21	Dressmaker	Langport Somerset 
RG09 pce88 fol161 p2. 
(2) Census 1861, RG09 pce88 fol161 p2. 
(3) Certified Copy. 
(4) Census 1861, CULLEN, Ann - M aged 60  Carpenter's wife born Putney Surrey, 
RG09 pce88 fol161 p2. 
(5) Ind, Roberts shows 'Headmistress National School at Langport, [Somerset] and 
St. John's Wood'. 
(6) Census 1901, "Mary Ann Ormendy age 61 born Somerset Langport", 
RG13-1323-76-17 SN100. 
(7) High Court of Justice (1925), 'During the lifetime of my first husband I 
commenced to carry on business on my own account as a Court Dressmaker and 
(8) Thomas Cullen Roberts, Letters, 'I don't know very much about the 
Cullen-Roberts in England, except that the family was quite well off, lived in 
St John's Wood, the address escapes me at the moment, and that your Grandmother 
was Dressmaker to the Queen.' 
'Some of the children went to St Marylebone and All Saints School, now extinct.  
I am sure Edith went there and one of the boys also.', 18 Jun 62. 
(9) High Court of Justice (1925). 
(10) Certified Copy, 10th March 1861 - Edward William Harte & Mary Ann Cullen - of 
full age - Bachelor & Spinster - EWH a book seller - both of St Marylebone - 
fathers: Patrick James Harte gentleman and Robert Cullen carpenter.  Married in 
the Parish Church St Marylebone after Banns by James P Garrick Curate.  
Witnesses Robert Cullen & Jane Frances Harte [mother] 
(11) High Court of Justice (1925), 'I was married three times namely (1) on the 
10th March 1861  to Edward William Harte who died on the 28th April 1874', 
Affidavit of 1925 states that Mary Ann Ormandy has EIGHT children by Edward 
William Harte - no other evidence for this has yet been found [Jun 2001] 
(12) Census 1901, "Thomas Ormendy age 62 living on own means born Lancashire 
Dallow in Farms; Mary Ann Ormendy age 61 born Somerset Langport; Thomas W 
Ormendy age 20 estate agent born London Mary Le Bone; Emily Russ visitor age 23 
sex M - tailor - worker - born London St Marys.  Two servants Maria Nicholson 
age 29 - housemaid domestic - born Cumberland Coldveak and Martha Margrove age 
30 - cook domestic - born Herts Berkhamstead", Emily Russ- male must be Emil 
Russ, RG13-1323-76-17 SN100. 
(13) Thomas Cullen Roberts, Letters, 'He apparently added his mother's name 
"Roberts" after he came here, around 1910 I would say.  I don't know why'. 
(14) Census 1881. 
(15) Thomas Cullen Roberts, Letters, 'Grandfather came to this country in 1887 
or 1888.   He had been a CPA in partnership with another man, whose name escapes 
me at the moment, with offices at 7, Vigo Street, London ......Grandfather was a 
CPA here, in practice for himself until he died in 1942 at the age of 82.  He is 
regarded as one of the early pioneers who helped establish the accountancy 
profession in this country.  He was president of the New Jersey Society of 
Certified Public Accountants at one time and Secretary of the old American 
Association of Certified Public Accountants for several years', 18 Jun 62.