2 Nov 2004                   

            Husband: Leslie LUCAS    

               Wife: Pauline LAWRIE      died at age: 48 
               Born: 1893                   
               Died: 1941                   
          Emigrated:                      to Canada to get married  
         Immigrated:                      to Glasgow  1
             Father: Stewart LAWRIE 
             Mother: Ada Pauline RUSS 

          M Child 1: Ronald LUCAS      
             Spouse: Barbara CROWTHER  
          M Child 2: Ian Leslie LUCAS       age: 73 
               Born: 5 Jun 1931             2
             Spouse: Anne Elizabeth ORVIS  d. 25 May 1982  
            Married: 28 Dec 1957            3
             Spouse: Sylvia Marston JOHNSON  
            Married: 15 May 1993            4

(1) Ind, FG: Pauline went to Canada to be married where she continued to live 
with her husband, who sadly died and left her with 2 young children, returned to 
Glasgow to live with her sister Isobel. 
(2)-(4) Ind, Ian Lucas. 

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