3 Mar 2002                   

       Husband: Edwin LAWRIE  died at age: 44 
          Born: 1899                   
          Died: 1943                 in Changi Singapore  1
     Graduated:                      in Medicine at Glasgow University  
    Occupation:                      Malaya as a surgeon  
        Father: Stewart LAWRIE 
        Mother: Ada Pauline RUSS 

          Wife: Marie THOMAS  died at age: 96
          Born: 1900
       Resided: 1939                 in Malaya  
     Emigrated: 1941                 to Australia  
	      Died: 1996                 in Sydney, Australia

     F Child 1: Ada Marigold LAWRIE  age: 71 
          Born: 1931                   
        Spouse: Peter CRIBB  
     F Child 2: Claire LAWRIE  died at age: 46 
          Born: 1936                   
          Died: 1982                   
     Emigrated: 1941                 to Australia  
(1) Ind, FG: Edwin graduated in medicine at Glasgow Univ, went to work in Malaya 
where he became a surgeon.  At the fall of Singapore his wife and younger 
daughter, who was there, sailed for Australia but Edwin stayed on as he thought 
he would be needed as a doctor, was imprisoned at Changi and died there. 

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