19 Dec 2001                   

        Husband: Charles CULLEN  other name: Charles ROBERTS   died at age: 62 
           Born: 1882                   
           Died: 1944                   
      Emigrated:                      to USA aged 8  
         Father: Peter Bates Thomas CULLEN 
         Mother: Caroline Ellen HALL 

           Wife: Juliet KINNEY  died at age: 64 [J E Kinney]
           Born: 1882                   
           Died: 1946                   

      M Child 1: Thomas Cullen ROBERTS  age: 87 
           Born: 1914                   
       Military:                      Captain 83rd Infantry Division  1
     Occupation:                      Advertising and PR  2
         Spouse: Ada Chapin DENTON  b. 1914  
      M Child 2: Charles Cullen ROBERTS  
        Resided:                      in Hartford Connecticut  
     Occupation:                      Broker  
       Military: WW II                Pacific - LT Cdr USN  3
         Spouse: Marian COE  b. 1925  
(1) Thomas Cullen Roberts, Letters, 'I was in England during the War [1939-45] 
I was a Captain then with the 83rd Infantry Division in the Midlands before the 
invasion of France and I came back to London on leave after the War', 18 Jun 62. 
(2) Thomas Cullen Roberts, Letters, 'Association of Better Business Bureaus as 
director of public relations', 18 Jun 62. 
(3) Thomas Cullen Roberts, Letters, 'He is a graduate of Trinity College, 
Hartford and was a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy during World War II, 
spending some four years in the Pacific', 18 Jun 62. 

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