28 Dec 2004 

Husband: Thomas Cullen ROBERTS died at age: 69 Born: 1914 Died: 1983 Military: Captain 83rd Infantry Division 1 Occupation: Advertising and PR 2 Father: Charles CULLEN Mother: Juliet KINNEY Wife: Ada Chapin DENTON died at age: 79 Born: 1914 Died: 1993 M Child 1: Thomas Cullen ROBERTS age: 57 Born: 1947 Resided: 2004 in Alexandria, Virginia 3 Spouse: Norma UNKNOWN Married: 1977 M Child 2: Frank Denton Cullen ROBERTS Nickname Denny age: 55 Born: 1949 Occupation: 2005 Attorney & VP Sprint Communications 4 Resided: 2005 in Overland Park, Kansas 5 Sources: (1) Thomas Cullen Roberts, Letters, 'I was in England during the War [1939-45] I was a Captain then with the 83rd Infantry Division in the Midlands before the invasion of France and I came back to London on leave after the War', 18 Jun 62. (2) Thomas Cullen Roberts, Letters, 'Association of Better Business Bureaus as director of public relations', 18 Jun 62. (3) Ind, Tom Cullen Roberts e-mail. (4) Ind, Tom Cullen Roberts e-mail. (5) Ind, Tom Cullen Roberts e-mail. Name Index