19 Dec 2001                   

        Husband: Charles Cullen ROBERTS  
        Resided:                      in Hartford Connecticut  
     Occupation:                      Broker  
       Military: WW II                Pacific - LT Cdr USN  1
         Father: Charles CULLEN 
         Mother: Juliet KINNEY 

           Wife: Marian COE  age: 76 
           Born: 1925                   

      M Child 1: Charles Cullen ROBERTS  age: 53 
           Born: 1948                   
      M Child 2: Craig ROBERTS  age: 50 
           Born: 1951                   
      M Child 3: Jeffry ROBERTS  age: 49 
           Born: 1952                   
(1) Thomas Cullen Roberts, Letters, 'He is a graduate of Trinity College, 
Hartford and was a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy during World War II, 
spending some four years in the Pacific', 18 Jun 62. 

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