19 Dec 2001                   

        Husband: Ferdinand RENSKI or RUSS  
           Born:   in Poland
The source for his existence - as the father of Emanuel Charles is the LDS data base, 
drawn from the 1880 San Francisco Census

MJH: This entry is speculative!!!! and should be treated with caution
ABR suggests 'We suspect that the Russ family had fled from Poland, either in
the great exodus of 1831 (40,000 families) or in the late 1790's, the business
of fashioning furs being passed from father to son during the transition.'

      M Child 1: Christian Karl Gottfried RUSS  
          Event: 1865?                auctioned off his property  1
     Occupation: 1842                 furrier and cap manufacturer  2
         Spouse: Frederika Wilhelmina RUDIGER  other name: Fredericka   
      M Child 2: Emanuel Charles Christian RUSS  died at age: 62 
           Born: 1795                 Saxony  3,4
           Died: 1857                   
      Emigrated: 1832                 to New York  5
        Resided: 1847                 in San Francisco California  6,7
     Occupation: 1832                 Silversmith  8
     Occupation:                      Assayer, goldsmith and jewellery designer  9
     Occupation:                      Real estate developer  10
         Spouse: UNKNOWN  

(1) DK, 'Carl's father had perhaps urged his son to go abroad [1862], for he had 
fallen deeply in debt and would soon have to auction off his property', 10. 
(2) DK, 'citizen, houseowner, furrier and cap manufacturer at Brandis', 8. 
(3) ABR, 'we are not quite sure about the history of the Russ family before 
Grandfather Karl, but the European practice of repeating Christian names for 
male children in each succeeding generation leads us to believe that we are 
directly related to Emanuel Christian Russ', 228. 
(4) San Francisco Census, 1880. 
(5) ABR, 'who arrived in New York in 1832', 228. 
(6) ABR, 'the enigma of Emanuel Charles Christian Russ and his family arriving in 
San Francisco in 1847', xi. 
(7) ABR, 'in 1847, he and his family sailed into San Francisco Bay aboard the 
'Loo Choo', whose timbers he purchased to build his first piece of real estate 
on Montgomery Street.  Here they established a business hierarchy of some thirty 
shacks, rented out to various tradesmen, to service the growing city', 228. 
(8) ABR. 
(9) ABR. 
(10) ABR, 'Emanuel Charles is known to have built an hotel, "The American" on 
Montgomery Street - now the centre of the downtown financial district - on the 
site of which now stands the famous 31-storey Russ Building..........also built 
a large mansion in what was then the suburbs - at the corner of Sixth and 
Harrison, the landscaped gardens of which were later donated to the City as a 
park.....The current [1989] Russ Building, on the site of his original land 
purchased for the sum of $37.50, we believe may have been purchased by Walter 
Shorenstein for $660 Million when the original 99  year lease ran out', 228. 

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