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            Husband: Emanuel Charles Christian RUSS    German name Immanuel Carl Christian RUSS  died at age: 62 
               Born: 10 Mar 1795          Hildburghausen, Saxony [treat with caution]  1,2,3
               Died: 4 Jun 1857           San Francisco CA  3
          Emigrated: 1832                 to New York  4
            Resided: 1847                 in San Francisco CA  5,6
         Occupation: 1832                 Silversmith  7
         Occupation:                      Assayer, goldsmith and jewellery designer  7
         Occupation:                      Real estate developer  8
             Father: Ferdinand Renski RUSS 
             Mother: UNKNOWN 

               Wife: Christiana GOERING      died at age: 77 
            Married: 1823                 in Saxony  9
               Born: 4 Apr 1802           in Saxony  10,3
               Died: 15 Feb 1880          in San Francisco CA  3
             Father: Christian GOERING 
             Mother: UNKNOWN 

          F Child 1: Elizabeth RUSS       died at age: 62 
               Born: 1824                 in Germany  3
               Died: 1886                 in Germany  3
             Spouse: Frederick MEBIUS  
          M Child 2: Adolphus Gustavus RUSS       died at age: 76 
               Born: 19 Jan 1826          in Saxony  10,3
         Occupation: 1880                 Capitalist  10
               Died: 4 Aug 1902           in San Francisco CA  3
             Census: 1880                 in San Francisco  11
             Spouse: Francoise J SIMON  Also known as Francis J SIMON 9b. 25 Aug 1832  d. 1896  
            Married: 13 Nov 1851          in San Francisco CA  9
          M Child 3: Charles Christian Edward RUSS       died at age: 66 
               Born: 28 Jan 1828          in Saxony  10,3
         Retirement: 1880                 Retired merchant  10
            Resided: 1880                 in San Francisco CA  
               Died: 5 Jan 1895           in San Francisco CA  3
            Resided: 1860's               in Hesse [?]  12
             Spouse: Elizabeth REICHARDT  b. 1836  
          F Child 4: Caroline RUSS      
               Born: 1830                 in Saxony  3
               Died: 30 July 1878         in San Francisco CA  3
          M Child 5: Augustus Philip RUSS       died at age: 67 
               Born: 1832                 in Saxony  3
               Died: 1899                 in Dresden  3
             Spouse: Anna Maria RICHTER  
          F Child 6: Frederick RUSS       died at age: 87 
               Born: 1837                 in Bergen Hill,Hudson County, NJ  9
               Died: 29 Aug 1924          in San Francisco CA  9
             Spouse: Marie KOHL           b. 1848  d. 11 Oct 1915  
          M Child 7: Henry B RUSS       died at age: 64 
               Born: 25 Sep 1840          in Mt Hope New York  10,3
               Died: 19 Mar 1905          in San Francisco CA  3
         Occupation: 1880                 Capitalist  10
            Resided: 1880                 in San Francisco CA  13
             Spouse: Josephine HAMMERSMITH  d. 23 Dec 1875  
            Married: 1865                   14
             Spouse: Anna L STEVENS  b. 1859  
            Married: 1879                   14
          F Child 8: Harriet RUSS      
               Died: 1847                 in San Francisco CA  3
            Resided:                      in San Francisco CA  15
          F Child 9: Emaline RUSS      
               Born: 1845                 in Bergen Hill NY  3
             Spouse: Freederick GUTZKOW  
         F Child 10: Bertha Louise Adelia RUSS       died at age: 78 
               Born: 1846                 in Bergen Hill NY  3
               Died: 1924                   3
             Spouse: Frederick Otto WEGENER  

(1) ABR, 'we are not quite sure about the history of the Russ family before 
Grandfather Karl, but the European practice of repeating Christian names for 
male children in each succeeding generation leads us to believe that we are 
directly related to Emanuel Christian Russ', [ABR p 229] 'If Emanuel Charles was 
such a paragon,why have we not immediately stumbled upon evidence of his 
election to public office in an age where upstanding citizens of good financial 
standing were much sought after?  Why, for instance, have we not come across any 
reference to the marriages of his four daughters and two sons into a society 
whose upper echelon boundaries were most jealously protected and nurtured?  Did 
the boys follow the gold fever into Alaska, and from thence into Canada?  Was 
their mother, a German or Polish lady who had already travelled halfway round 
the world in sailing ships, so self-effacing that her name appears in none of 
the surviving documents?  We don't think so!' 
San Francisco Museum - Street Names Directory:  "Russ Street - J. C. Christian 
Russ: jeweler, owner of Montgomery Street land 
"After losing by theft the entire stock of his jewelry store in New York City, 
Russ and his three sons enlisted as privates in Stevenson's regiment.  The 
family of twelve arrived with him in San Francisco on the U.S. Transport Loo 
Choo, in March 1847.  On arrival they purchased several lots on Montgomery 
Street and built a house between Pine and Bush, then well south of San Francisco 
proper.  They opened a jewelry store and during the gold rush ran an assay 
office.  They built over thirty shacks on their land which they rented.  The 
family also built a hotel near the land now occupied by the Russ Building" 

"Harriet Street - named to honor 
Harriet Russ, the daughter of Immanuel Charles Christian Russ, who owned the 
amusement park, Russ Gardens, situated nearby." 
May 1 1853 "J. C. Christian Russ invited the Germans in town to celebrate May 
Day at his property, Russ Gardens, at Sixth and Harrison Streets"  
Pacific Coast Review Nov 1952: 'Emanuel Charles Christian Russ came to San 
Francisco in March of 1847 and the week he arrived he bought the land on 
Montgomery Street reaching from Pine to Bush, for seventy-five dollars.  An 
industrious man and a wise parent of at least nine children, he had sublime 
faith in the destiny of San Francisco.  He died before the city had come into 
its own, but through six generations the family of the distinguished patriarch 
has carried on his spirit. 
He had been born in Germany, of Polish ancestry, his parents having been exiled 
from Poland when it was conquered by Russia.  Following the trade of 
silversmith, Russ migrated to New York in 1832.  He came to San Francisco by 
clipper ship in 1847, after a long and tortuous voyage around the 
"Daughters of CA Pioneers". One of the contributors was Jane V. R. 
Bernasconi, who Eleanor Gordon believes is the 3x great granddaughter of I.C.C. 

Her article begins, "Emanuel Charles Christian Russ (later to be 
known as I.C.C. Russ) was born in Hildburghausen, Duchy of Saxe-Meinengen, 
Germany in  
1795.  The family was of Polish ancestry, the noble name "Rienski" having been 
changed to "Russ" when his parents fled Poland at a time of continuous 
turmoil.", 228. 
(2) San Francisco Census, National Cyclopedia of American Biography vol7 NY 
[1892] 'Imanuel Christian Charles Russ 1795 - 1857' 
IF he is the same man!, 1880. 
(3) Kate Jennings. 
(4) ABR, 'who arrived in New York in 1832', 228. 
(5) ABR, 'the enigma of Emanuel Charles Christian Russ and his family arriving in 
San Francisco in 1847', xi. 
(6) ABR, 'in 1847, he and his family sailed into San Francisco Bay aboard the 
'Loo Choo', whose timbers he purchased to build his first piece of real estate 
on Montgomery Street.  Here they established a business hierarchy of some thirty 
shacks, rented out to various tradesmen, to service the growing city', 228. 
(7) ABR. 
(8) ABR, 'Emanuel Charles is known to have built an hotel, "The American" on 
Montgomery Street - now the centre of the downtown financial district - on the 
site of which now stands the famous 31-storey Russ Building..........also built 
a large mansion in what was then the suburbs - at the corner of Sixth and 
Harrison, the landscaped gardens of which were later donated to the City as a 
park.....The current [1989] Russ Building, on the site of his original land 
purchased for the sum of $37.50, we believe may have been purchased by Walter 
Shorenstein for $660 Million when the original 99  year lease ran out', 228. 
(9) LDS - familysearch.org. 
(10) San Francisco Census, 1880. 
(11) San Francisco Census, One living in female servant M Fenstermacher [aged 19 
from CA], 1880. 
(12) San Francisco Census, MJH: as their two younger children were born in Hesse, 
did the family move back to Germany in the 1860's? 
In 1880 he had one living in female servant Mary J Fuchs [aged 19 from 
CA with German parents] 
(13) San Francisco Census, Two living in servants - Sophie Ehlers [aged 25 from 
Hamburg] cook and M Oelsen [aged 19 from Bremen] nurse, 1880. 
(14) San Francisco Census. 
(15) San Francisco Census, San Francisco Museum - Street Names Directory:  

"Harriet Street - named to honor Harriet Russ, the daughter of Immanuel 
Charles Christian Russ, who owned the amusement park, Russ Gardens, situated 

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