19 Dec 2001                   

        Husband: William ORMANDY  
           Died: 1868                   
     Occupation:                      Blacksmith  1
    Occupatuion: Owned land and dwelling houses in the County of Lancaster - Bircanes and
                 Wilbenawe at Lindall and Pennington, houses at Ireleth


           Wife: UNKNOWN  

      M Child 1: Thomas ORMANDY  
           Died: 19 May 1924            
        Resided: 1881                 at 22/24 St Ann's Terrace St John's Wood  
     Occupation: 12 Jul 1878          Commercial traveller Outram & Co Linen Manufacturers  2
         Spouse: Mary Ann CULLEN  
        Married: 13 Jul 1878            1

(1) High Court of Justice (1925). 
(2) High Court of Justice (1925), 'Prior to his said marriage to me, the said 
Thomas Ormandy had been employed as a commercial traveller by Messrs Outram & Co 
Linen Manufacturers but on the day of our marriage he gave up such occupation 
and from such day he never had any employment or business and did no work 
whatever', '1881 Census return shows him as 'Agent Drapery' so he may have 
continued to work after his marriage'. 

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