19 Dec 2001                   

        Husband: Thomas William ORMANDY  other name: Thomas K Ormandy   age: 121 
           Born: 1880                 in 22/24 St Ann's Terrace St John's Wood  1,2
         Father: Thomas ORMANDY 
         Mother: Mary Ann CULLEN 

           Wife: Edith BRAUND  

      F Child 1: Margaret Joyce ORMANDY  nickname: Peggy   age: 97 
           Born: before 1904            3
      M Child 2: Stanley ORMANDY  age: 97 
           Born: after 1904             3
(1) Thomas Cullen Roberts, Letters, 'According to Mrs Hoyt, Tom ran away and 
married a Hungarian dancer or actress, much to the consternation of the family.  
He was disowned or largely ignored and his name was never mentioned. Tom's 
marriage produced a son who, Mrs Hoyt strongly believes, is Eugene Ormandy, 
conductor of the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra, one of this country's 
finest' MJH: conflicts with letter of 18 Jun 1965, which has Eugene Ormandy as 
the grandson - see also HEH's addition to the Tree, from which Tom's children 
are drawn. 13 Jun 56. 
(2) Thomas Cullen Roberts, Letters, 'who Ethel [Roberts/Hoyt] tells me was a 
rather reckless youth, at least by the standards of those days, and he ran away 
with a Hungarian ballet dancer which caused considerable anguish and his name 
was seldom mentioned after that.  Ethel has suggested that Eugene Ormandy, 
conductor of the Philadelphia Symphony orchestra, a Hungarian by birth,is the 
grandson of Tom Ormandy', MJH: inconsistent with letter of 13 Jun 1956 - and not 
true.  'Who Was Who' clearly shows that Eugene Ormandy is no relation. 18 Jun 
(3) High Court of Justice (1925). 

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