19 Dec 2002                   

          Wife: Doris May FOXELL    
          Died: 1960's                 
Cause of death:                      breast cancer  
        Father: Frank Richard FOXELL 
        Mother: Martha BRAND 

       Husband: George Hubert MEACHER     
          Died: 1960's                 

     M Child 1: Michael Hugh MEACHER  age: 63 
          Born:  4 Nov 1939            1
     Graduated:                      in Greats - New College Oxford  1
     Education:                      Berkhampstead School  1
    Occupation: 1970 - ? MP for Oldham West  1
    Occupation: 1970 - 1976 Parliamentary Secretary: Industry, Health, Trade  1
    Occupation: May 1997             Minister of State for the Environment and Privy Counsellor  1
        Spouse: Molly Christine REID  
      Divorced: 1987                   
       Married: 1962                   1
        Spouse: Lucianne SAWYER  
       Married: May 1998             in Wimbledon  2

(1) St Martin's Press, Who's Who. 
Born in 1939, Michael Meacher was educated at Berkhamstead School, New College Oxford and the 
London School of Economics.
He joined the Labour Party in 1962 and has been Labour Member of Parliament for Oldham West 
(now Oldham West and Royton) since 1970. He contested Colchester in 1966 and Oldham West in 1968.
Political career
His political appointments comprise:
Under Secretary for Industry, 1974-75
Under Secretary for Health and Social Security, 1975-79
Candidate for Labour Party Deputy Leadership, 1983
Member of Labour Party National Executive Committee 1983-89
Member of Shadow Cabinet 1983-1997
Principal Opposition Front Bench Spokesman on: Health and Social Security 1983-87
Employment 1987-89
Social Security 1989-92
Overseas Development and Co-operation 1992-93
Citizen's Charter and Science 1993-94
Transport 1994-95
Employment 1995-96
Environmental Protection 1996-97
Minister of State for the Environment and Privy Counsellor since May 1997
He is a Parliamentary representative and member of UNISON.
He was a member of the Select Committee on the Treasury and Civil Service (1981-83).
His other affiliations are the Fabian Society, SERA and the Child Poverty Action Group.
His hobbies include reading, sport and music.

Previous Occupation: Journalism; Author/Writer; Lecturer
Career History:
1964: Secretary, Danilo Dolci Trust; 1965-66: Sembal research fellow, Essex University; 
1966-69: Lecturer, York University; 1970: Lecturer, LSE; 
1980-86: Visiting professor, Surrey University
Marital Status: Married
Children: Two daughters, two sons, two stepchildren
(2) St Martin's Press, Who's Who, She was Mrs Sawyer when she married Michael 

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