19 Dec 2002                   

       Husband: Frank Richard FOXELL    died at age: 82 
          Born:  8 Mar 1865          at 58 Paddington Street W1  1
          Died:  3 Nov 1947          in Berkhamsted  
        Census: 1881                 at 58 Paddington St, St Marylebone  2
        Census: 1901                 at Alexander Road Hemel Hempstead  3
    Occupation: 1881                 Clerk  2
    Occupation: 1901                 Grocer shopkeeper Hemel Hempstead  3
        Father: John Allen FOXELL 
        Mother: Emma LANCHESTER 

          Wife: Martha BRAND     died at age: 87 
          Born: 18 May 1866          in Northumberland Street (where Great Central Railway terminal now stands)  4
          Died: 20 Aug 1953          in Berkhamsted  
        Census: 1901                 in Alexander Road Hemel Hempstead  3

     M Child 1: Frank Allen FOXELL   
          Born: 1891                 in Farnham Royal Bucks  5,3
        Census: 1901                 in Alexander Road Hemel Hempstead  3
        Spouse: Daisy UNKNOWN  
     M Child 2: Horace Brand FOXELL  died at age: 68 
          Born: 14 Mar 1896          in 3 Alexandra Road, Hemel Hempstead, Hertford  6
          Died: 16 Oct 1964          in All Saints Hospital Chatham Kent  7
Cause of death:                      cerebral haemorrhage; essential hypertension  
    Occupation: 1923                 Assistant Master Withington Hospital West Didsbury  
    Occupation:                       Hospital Secretary at All Saints Hospital Chatham.  
        Spouse: Dorothy Claire FIRTH  b.  3 Apr 1898  d. 19 Aug 1971  
       Married:  5 Jul 1923          in The Parish Church Christ Church West Didsbury Lancaster  8
     M Child 3: George Victor FOXELL   
          Born: 1898                   
        Census: 1901                 in Alexander Road Hemel Hempstead  3
    Occupation: 1935                 Master: Thanet Institution Minster near Ramsgate  
        Spouse: Kathleen UNKNOWN  
     F Child 4: Doris May FOXELL  
          Died: 1960's                 
Cause of death:                      breast cancer  
        Spouse: George Hubert MEACHER  d. 1960's  
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think it was the March register. 
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(4) Census says born London Marylebone, RG13-1325-20-32 SN220. 
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(6) Lovel Smeathman (Registrar) Hemel Hempstead Hertford, Foxell, Horace Brand 
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sub-district of Hemel, (Original held by Joy Bruce). 
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Chatham, Kent, Foxell, Horace Brand, Death Certificate, entry no. 387. 
(8) Rector of Parish Church Christ Church, West Didsbury Lancaster, Foxell, 
Horace Brand & Dorothy Claire, Marriage Certificate, (Original held by Joy 

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