14 Sep 2002                   

       Husband: Karl Edward WINKLER     died at age: 67 
          Born: 27 Jan 1833            3
          Died: 17 Sep 1900            4
       Resided:                      in Leipzig  
    Occupation: 1890                 Button manufacturer - and/or silk merchant  5

          Wife: Paulina RUSS    died at age: 24 
          Born: 16 Aug 1839          in Brandis Saxony  1
          Died: 9 Jan 1864           in Leipzig  2
Cause of death:                      died in childbirth - 2nd child  
        Father: Christian Karl Gottfried RUSS 
        Mother: Frederika Wilhelmina RUDIGER 

     M Child 1: Hermann Edward Richard WINKLER  Also known as Richard Russ WINKLER   died at age: 79 
          Born: 3 Jun 1862           in Leipzig  6,7
          Died: 1942                   
         Event: 1899                 published "Furs and Furriery"  8
       Resided: Aug 1890             at St Johns Colinton  9
   Naturalized: 15 Mar 1893          at Home Office signed H H Asquith  10
         Event: 28 Mar 1893          in Edinburgh swears Oath of Allegiance  11
         Event: 17 Aug 1897          in Leipzig a Deed of Disjuncture was issued  12
    Occupation: 1890                 Furrier at 132 Princes St Edinburgh  13,14
    Occupation:                      Furrier to The Queen  8
   Description:                      An honourable gentleman  15
        Spouse: Margaret Fernie BRASH  b. 23 Apr 1864  d. 1931  
       Married: 12 Aug 1890          at St John's Parish Colinton Midlothian  16
       Census : 1891                 at 85 [?] Marchmont Drive Edinburgh  17
   Family home: 1892                 at 5 Brights Crescent Edinburgh  18
(1) Ind, Transcription of gravestone. 
(2) Ind, Transcription of gravestone. 
(3) Ind, Transcription of gravestone. 
(4) Ind, Transcription of gravestone. 
(5) Certified Copy, Marriage Certificate of H E R Winkler [son] gives this. Hugh 
Winkler [gt grandson] says silk merchant. 
(6) Certificate, gebornen um 3 Juni 1862 zu Leipsig. 
(7) Census 1891. 
(8) R Russ Winkler, Furs and Furriery, (MacNiven & Wallace, 1899). 
(9) Certified Copy, his bride also lived at St John's Colinton. 
(10) Certificate, Certificate of Naturalization to an Alien - to Hermann Edward 
Richard Winkler ...subject of the German Empire, having been born at Leipsic, in 
the Kingdom of Saxony...of the age of 30 years - a furrie - is married and has 
one child under age residing with him viz - Edward Russ Winkler aged 3 months 
and that in the period of eight years preceding is application he has resided 
for five years within the United Kingdom... 
(11) Certificate, I Hermann Edward Richard Winkler of 5 Brights Crescent, 
Edinburgh do swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her 
Majesty Queen Victoria, Her Heirs and Successors, according to law.  So help me 
(12) Certificate, issued by the Royal Saxon Departmental Lieutenancy [Die 
koniglich Sachsische Kreishauptmannschaft] for HERW's disjuncture from the 
state-connection of the Kingdom of Saxony. 
(13) Certified Copy, Hermann Edward Richard Winkler furrier aged 28, Register of 
(14) Ind, FG: Richard, who was unhappy at home, wanted to come to this country. 
Frank Henry Russ set him up in Edinburgh under the name of Russ & Winkler and 
Richard Winkler bought himself out over the years. 
(15) Ind, Letter from NW Apr 1975 : 'Dad was very conscientious and an honourable 
gentleman always.  He sent money home always from the very start & kept a kindly 
eye on Lisbeth [his step sister]'. 
(16) Certified Copy, at St John's Parish of Colinton after publication according 
to the forms of the Church of Scotland 
by William Lockhart Minister before witnesses Emil Georg Winkler and Margaret 
(17) Census 1891, Herman E R Winkler head age 28 furrier and employer.  Born 
Saxony [Brit subj] 
Margaret F wife age 26 born Midlothian Edin 
Kate McLeod servant age 16 born Midlothian Edin

House has 4 rooms with one or more windows. 
(18) Certified Copy, from birth certificate of Edward Russ Winkler. 

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