Family Histories and related Documents

Historic documents about our families can be read here - most have been transcribed over the years but, so far as I can tell, the texts here are essentially as originally written. More are needed for inclusion!

Family background and connections of Morse Goddard from his daughter-in-law Jane Nov 2000

Royal Flying Corps experience of Willam Winkler in World War I and his "Mention in Dispatches"

Biographical notes about Louie Burton Russ - and Russ & Winkler

Letter from Fritz Muller recording family genealogy back 4 generations and giving details of the life of Carl Gottfried Muller, of his brothers Otto and Carl, and of Christian Charles Godfried Russ and his wife Emily. The letter was presumably sent to his nephew Carl Godfrey Muller in Brandon, Canada; it was certainly transcribed by C G Muller in April 1951.

Autobiographical notes, written in October 1973 by Carl Godfrey Muller [born 1873 son of Otto & Emily Muller], describing family life in Brandon, from the time of their arrival through both World Wars and on to the 1950's.

Apprenticeship Deed as a cabinet maker for Percy Russ in 1895.
Text between [ ] crossed out in original; text in script is handwritten in original

Arthur Bernard Russ - additional memoirs of his father Charles Russ and some of his own siblings

Obituaries - Frederick Valentine Russ [3 May 1953]; Dr Sidney Russ [27 Jul 1953]; Frederick Basil Russ [28 May 2001]

1881 United Kingdom Census entries: for CCG Russ, Henry Callaway and Mary Ann Russ and for various Harte relatives - May Ann Cullen [her third marriage to Thomas Ormandy, Ponting, Scaife, Sweeting and Thomas Cullen [MAC's brother]

Commonwealth War Graves entries for family members killed in both World Wars; letter from a fellow officer about Leslie Harte