19 Dec 2001 Wife: Ethel Blanche CULLEN other name: Ethel Blanche ROBERTS 
Born: 1874 in St Marylebone 1 
Immigrated: 1895 to USA 2 Father: 
Peter Bates Thomas CULLEN Mother: Caroline 
Ellen HALL Husband: C S HOYT m this marriage: Died: 1930? Father: Mother: 
Sources: (1) Census 1881. (2) Thomas Cullen Roberts, Letters, 
'Ethel, despite her 88 years, is in fine health generally speaking. She is a little 
thing, hardly weighing more than a 100 pounds. She lives in Montclair, N.J. in 
an inn with several other widowed ladies and comes in to New York from time to 
time to have lunch with me. Ethel was the last of the family to come over here, 
about 1895 when she was 20 years old. While in London, she lived with your Grandmother 
Harte, who wanted to adopt her, but Ethel's father would hear nothing of it. Ethel 
tells me she was flower girl at Florence Challen's wedding and Edith was flower 
girl at Annie Foxell's wedding', Florence Challen is presumably a mix up by Roberts 
- Blanche Francis Harte married Frank Challen; Florence Harte was unmarried. MJH: 
Letter of 13 June 1985 suggests she was wanted for adoption by Mary Ann Foxell 
- clearly wrong. 18 Jun 62. 

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