21 Oct 2009                   

                     Mary Linda Louie RUSSELL     died at age: 62 
      Also known as: Linda 1
               Born: 13 Sep 1945          in Jaffa, Palestine [now Tel Aviv, Israel]  2
               Died: 19 Jun 2008          in Ferndown, Dorset  3
         Father: Eric Richard Donald RUSSELL 
         Mother: Constance Armorel RUSS 
Other spouse 2

          F Child 1: Heather Jane RUSSELL       age: 42 
               Born: 1967                 in Falkirk Royal Infirmary  
              Event:                         Adopted after her birth - now known as Mandy   (see note 1)

(1) Ind, We know Linda!. 
(2) DK, 'Connie's daughter Linda Green', 404. 
(3) Ind. 

Event Notes
Note (1) Mandy  has a loving adoptive family with two brothers; she is now married and
has two children

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