19 Jan 2007                   

               Wife: Diane Margaret MILLER    
            Resided: 2006                 in Burnaby, Vancouver  1
             Father: Thomas Albert MULLER 
             Mother: UNKNOWN 

            Husband: Michael NOBLE     

          M Child 1: Christopher NOBLE       age: 36 
               Born: 1971                   
            Resided: 2006                 in Burnaby, Vancouver  2
             Spouse: UNKNOWN  
          F Child 2: Andrea NOBLE      
             Spouse: UNKNOWN  

(1) Ind, Christopher Noble. 
(2) Ind, I was searching the family tree and I stumbled upon your website.  I'm 
Christopher Noble.  I'm writing on behalf of my mother and her side of the 
family.  Her maiden name is Diane Margaret Miller (originally Muller).  We 
currently live in Vancouver, BC.  Her father was Thomas Albert Miller (Muller) 
born in Brandon, Manitoba.  He was the youngest surviving child of Amy Dines and 
Carl Hermann Muller.  We were excited to find your detailed website and learn 
more about our family history.  We have lots of info and pictures that we would 
be happy to contribute.