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            Husband: Leonard Morse GODDARD    
               Died: 6 Oct 1872             1
         Occupation: 1857                 MRCS  2
              Event: 20 Mar 1857          in London - letter to The Times  3

               Wife: Charlotte DREW     
            Married: 27 Sep 1837          at St Nicholas Cole Abbey, Queen Victoria St, City of London  4

          M Child 1: Ernest GODDARD       died at age: 43 
               Born: 7 Oct 1846           in Clerkenwell  5
               Died: c 1890                 6
             Spouse: Marie L UNKNOWN  Also known as Mary 7b. 1846  d. c 1890  
   Resided (family): 1881                 at 1 Esher Villas Shadwell Rd  8
          M Child 2: Unknown GODDARD      
             Spouse: UNKNOWN  

(1) Ind, Informant - Peter Goddard, Canadian Co-ordinator of the Goddard Association of Europe. 
(2) Ind, Peter Goddard. 
(3) Ind, In 1856 the Royal British Bank collapsed - clearly in strange 
circumstances [see reference in the British Library].  Leonard Morse Goddard 
wrote to The Times from St John Street Road, saying he is not the Mr Goddard 
referred to in the bankruptcy proceedings, which followed the demise of the 
bank. "The Suppressed pamphlet: the curious and remarkable history of the Royal 
British Bank. By One behind the Scenes". London: Effingham Wilson, [1856?]. 
Shelfmark: 8227.e.40.(2.)
(4) Ind, St Nicholas Cole Abbey was the first City church rebuilt by Wren after 
the Great Fire, at a cost of 5042 6s 11d. Among the expenses incurred were 
'Dinner for Dr Wren and other Company - 2 14s 0d' and 'Half a pint of canary 
for Dr Wren's coachmen - 6d'. St Nicholas was the patron saint of children, the 
model for Santa Claus, and 'Cole Abbey' comes possibly from a nearby 
'Coldharbour' or resting place for travellers in medieval times. 
In 1951, Cole Abbey featured prominently in the Ealing comedy, 'The Lavender 
Hill Mob'. The gold bullion robbery takes place just outside the church on Queen 
Victoria Street. The film gives an insight into how the City looked for some 
years after the war. The devastation of the Blitz is still evident - the church 
is without window glass, roof or spire, and it is surrounded by open bombsites. 
St Nicholas is presently rented out to the Free Church of Scotland.
Queen Victoria Street EC4 
Open 5pm - 6.30pm Tues 
12am - 2pm Weds and Thurs 
Peter Goddard for facts - and  www.cityoflondonchurches.com/stnicholas.htm 
for the church. 
(5) Census 1881. 
(6) Ind, My father-in-law, Captain Leonard Morse Goddard, was one of eight (or 
ten) children.  The family seemed to come in two sections.  The first was born 
and growing, when they were all wiped out, probably by diphtheria or some such 
childhood disease.  Tragically, we don't even know their names.  Their parents 
were well-respected educated people, and we have large photos of them, dressed 
in elegant attire of the day.  Then came the last four (or six ) children.  
These apparently were all raised, until about the age of eight (for Leonard), 
when both his parents passed away at the same time - maybe a railway accident, 
or illness. Letter from Jane Goddard. 
(7) Ind, Jane Goddard note. 
(8) Census 1881, 1 Esher Villas, Shadwell Rd, Islington 
Marie L. GODDARD - wife aged 35 born Clerkenwell Middx, RG11 piece 0256 fol 114 p45.