28 Jul 2002                   

       Husband: Hugh WINKLER    age: 72 
          Born: 4 Jul 1930             
         Event: 1957                 closure of Russ & Winkler furriers of Edinburgh  1
       Resided: 2002                 in Abingdon  
        Father: William Otto Brash WINKLER 
        Mother: Jessie Smith BICKERSTAFF 

          Wife: June Rosemary WINTLE     age: 70 
       Married: 23 Apr 1955            
          Born: 28 May 1932            

     F Child 1: Alison Mary Russ WINKLER  age: 45 
          Born: 20 Oct 1956            
    Occupation:                      ballet dancer in Germany  
    Occupation: 2002                 Royal Northern College of Music  
     F Child 2: Elspeth Pauline Russ WINKLER  Other name Elspeth SHAW   age: 43 
          Born: 5 Apr 1959             
    Occupation:                      Soloist with Scottish Ballet  
        Spouse: Grahame GARDNER  
(1) Newspaper, THE SCOTSMAN  Friday May 10 1957 
Russ & Winkler of Princes Street

Another old 
family business is about to disappear from Princes Street, Edinburgh.  Russ & 
Winkler, the manufacturing furriers, who have been established there since 1884, 
have announced that they will be closing down their business at the end of the 
Mr Hugh Winkler, one of the principals of the firm, told 'The Scotsman'  "The 
business is closing down because of a change in public demand.  There is not the 
same demand for fur coats of the bespoke type as there was a generation 
The premises at 132 Princes Street have been in the family possession since 
they were bought three generations ago by Mr Winkler's grandfather at a time 
when there were many other family businesses in Princes Street. 
The business soon became famous for the quality of its work, and Mr Richard 
Winkler received a Royal Warrant from Queen Victoria. 
The premises are to be taken over by Fleming, Reid & Co., Ltd., the well-known 
Scottish worsted spinners and knitwear manufacturers of Greenock, who are 
proprietors of the Scotch Wool Stores.  They started off as a Scottish firm in 
the early nineteenth century, and now have 375 branches throughout 
They will move into the new premises from their present shop two doors away in 
the spring of 1958.  It will give them much superior accommodation, and they 
intend to plan their alterations to accord with the traditional style and 
atmosphere of the famous thoroughfare. "It will be a fine shop," said Mr Andrew 
Pares, the sales promotion manager.  "We are particularly strong in Scotland.  
We have about five branches in Edinburgh and 20 in Glasgow.  but this will be 
our best branch in the country when it is ready.". 

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