19 Dec 2001                   

        Husband: Henry W SCAIFE  
           Born: 1840                 in St Giles, London  1
     Occupation: 1881                 Printer's Reader  1

           Wife: Emily UNKNOWN  
esided (family): 1881                 at 88 Wirtemburg St Clapham  1
           Born: 1837                 in St George Middx [?]  1

      M Child 1: Joseph W SCAIFE  
           Born: 1865                 in Camberwell Surrey  1
     Occupation: 1881                 Draper's Assistant  1
      M Child 2: Edwin George SCAIFE  
           Born: 1867                 in Camberwell  Surrey  2
           Died: c 1925
     Occupation:                      Drapery buyer  
     Occupation: 1881                 Clerk in office  1
         Spouse: Emma SWEETING  b. 1874  
      M Child 3: Francis R SCAIFE  
           Born: 1869                 in Clapham Surrey  1
      M Child 4: Walter SCAIFE  
           Born: 1871                 in Camberwell Surrey  1
      F Child 5: Emily E SCAIFE  
           Born: 1872                 in Camberwell Surrey  1
      M Child 6: Arthur J SCAIFE  age: 124 
           Born: 1877                 in Clapham Surrey  1
      F Child 7: Ada B SCAIFE  age: 121 
           Born: 1880                 in Clapham Surrey  1
(1) Census 1881. 
(2) Census 1881, 	Dwelling:	88 Wirtemburg St 
	Census Place:	Clapham, Surrey, England 
	Source:	FHL Film 1341146     PRO Ref RG11    Piece 0635    Folio 25    Page 
	Marr	Age	Sex	Birthplace 
Henry W. SCAIFE	M	41 	M	St Giles, Middlesex, England 
	Rel:	Head 
	Occ:	Printers Reader 
Emily SCAIFE	M	44 	F	St George, Middlesex, 
	Rel:	Wife 
	Occ:	None 
Joseph W. SCAIFE	U	16 	M	Camberwell, Surrey, England 
	Rel:	Son 
	Occ:	Drapers Asst. 
Edwin G. SCAIFE	 	14 	M	Camberwell, Surrey, England 
	Rel:	Son 
	Occ:	Clerk In Office 
Francis R. SCAIFE	 	12 	M	Clapham, Surrey, 
	Rel:	Son 
	Occ:	Scholar 
Walter SCAIFE	 	10 	M	Camberwell, Surrey, 
	Rel:	Son 
	Occ:	Scholar 
Emily E. SCAIFE	 	9 	F	Camberwell, Surrey, 
	Rel:	Daur 
	Occ:	Scholar 
Arthur J. SCAIFE	 	4 	M	Clapham, Surrey, England 
	Rel:	Son 
	Occ:	Scholar 
Ada B. SCAIFE	 	1 	F	Clapham, Surrey, England 
	Rel:	Daur 
Henry MARTIN	U	16 	M	Kennington, Surrey, 
	Rel:	Boarder 
	Occ:	Greengrocers Asst 
, MJH: This is the best match from the 1881 Census - no other Edwin Sweeting 
lived in the South East - and there was an Uncle Wally Scaife. 

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