20 Jul 2002                   

          Wife: Jeninne Camille SILVERMAN    age: 34 
          Born: 27 Jan 1968          in Castro Valley California  
       Resided: 2001                 in Los Angeles California  
    Occupation:                      Recording artist  1
        Father: Thomas Craig SILVERMAN 
        Mother: Choral Gay SLIGAR 

       Husband: Neil Walter KRAMER     age: 39 
       Married: 7 Apr 1996             
      Divorced: Dec 1996               
          Born: 15 Aug 1962            
    Occupation:                      Model, chief and TV host California Getaways  

(1) Ind, She writes and composes dance music and currently [2001] has two albums 
on the billboard charts; her stage name is Elli Mac [Camille back to front] 

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