14 Dec 2004                   

        Husband: Richard Francis Tudor RUSS  age: 67 
           Born:  2 Feb 1937          in St Mary Abbotts Kensington  1
      Education: Spring 1942          the Servite School, London  2
      Education: 16 Jan 1945          Southey Hall prep school, nr Exeter  3,4
      Education: Apr 1946 - Aug 1946  educated by his father at home  5
      Education: Sep 1947 - Jul 1949  educated by his father at home  6
     Occupation: 2000                 London Screen Printing  7
         Father: Richard Patrick RUSS 
         Mother: Sarah Elizabeth JONES 

           Wife: Mimi PAROTTE  
        Married: 1 Jul 1964               his age: 27  8

      F Child 1: Victoria RUSS  age: 37 
           Born: 1967                   
     Occupation: 2000                 Corporate executive  9
         Spouse: John MATTIMORE  
      F Child 2: Joanna RUSS  age: 35 
           Born: 1969                   
     Occupation: 2000                 Schoolteacher  10
         Spouse: Philip HUBBARD  
(1) DK, 'On 2 February 1937, at St Mary Abbots Hospital in Kensington, she gave 
birth to a baby boy. They named him Richard Francis Tudor; Richard after his 
father, Francis for the couple's good friend Francis Cox, a Chelsea painter, 
and, because of Elizabeth's pride in her Welsh heritage, Tudor for the royal 
house of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I, which was Welsh in origin.  His mother 
called him 'Ricky'', 68. 
(2) Nikolai Tolstoy, Patrick O'Brian - the Making of the Novelist (Century 
2004), NT, Elizabeth 'came to London with Richard to find employment.  I then 
decided to send Richard to a Roman Catholic School', 259. 
(3) Nikolai Tolstoy, Patrick O'Brian - the Making of the Novelist (Century 
2004), NT. 
(4) NT, Despite the fact that he would now barely see his son from one year's end 
to another, Patrick's concern for Richard's education led him to commit himself 
to the financial sacrifice of sending him to boarding preparatory school.  Seven 
was generally the age when boys were sent away to school and Richard would be 
eight in February.  Southey Hall was situated in the countryside near Exeter.  
The fees amounted to 45 guineas a term. with additional expenses required for 
travel, clothing, equipment, and pocket money. The Michaelmas term of 1944 was 
the last that Richard spent at the Servite School, and on 16 January 1945 he set 
off from Waterloo station with his new companions to begin a fresh life at 
Southey Hall. 293. 
(5) NT, 'From my  [Richard]point of view he was teaching me mainly useless 
things.  Arithmetic was OK.  English was fine.  But I couldn't see the point of 
Latin.  He was a pretty rigorous teacher.  He didn't like mistakes.  If I made 
one, I would be told to put it right, and if I went on getting it wrong, he 
would cane me, but not heavily'', 415. 
(6) NT, 420. 
(7) DK, 'O'Brian's son, Richard Russ, now sixty-three, lives in London with his 
wife Mimi.  A mechanical engineer by training, Russ owns a company called London 
Screen Printing', 391. 
(8) DK, 'Richard married Mimi Parotte on 1 July [1964].  Elizabeth had said she 
would not attend if Patrick did, so Richard and Mimi did not invite Patrick and 
Mary to the wedding.  The breach was complete.  Patrick and Richard never spoke 
to each other again.' 
Mimi 'daughter of a Belgian father and an English mother ...hidden downed RAF 
pilots in their attic', 136, 196. 
(9) DK, 'Victoria Russ, a corporate executive', 391. 
(10) DK, 'Joanna Hubbard, a schoolteacher', 391. 

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