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Wife: Sarah Elizabeth JONES age: 92 Born: 1912 in Pen-y-Cae North Wales 1,2 Occupation: c 1920 London as domestic servant and seamstress 3 Resided: Feb 1936 at 2a Oakley Street, Chelsea 4 Resided: 1940 - 1942 in 28 Thorpe Avenue, Thorpe-next-Norwich 5 Resided: Spring 1942 in 237 King's Road, London 6 Occupation: 1942 electrical factory in Earls Court and then in haberdashers in King's Road 6 Event: 20 Mar 1944 petitioned for divorce 7 Event: 18 Dec 1944 decree nisi 8 Father: Mother: Other spouse 1 Husband: John Cowper le Mee POWER Married: May 1949 9 Father: Mother: Sources: (1) DK, 'Elizabeth was an orphan from the village of Penycae Rhosllanerchrugog in north-east Wales. her mother had been killed, probably by influenza, in 1914, when Elizabeth was just three. Her father - a clay miner - died four years later', 64. (2) NT, Elizabeth Jones was an attractive twenty-four-year-old, who was born in the little village of Pen-y-Cae near the mining town of Rhossslanerchrugog in north-east Wales, where her father worked as a collier. Tragically she had lost both her parents in early childhood, and found herself an orphan at the age of seven. Her education had been rudimentary, and Welsh was her first language. 153. (3) NT, 153. (4) NT, At the time of their marriage the young couple were registered as living together in a basement flat at 2a Oakley Street, at the corner of King's Road. (5) NT, some time after Patrick left home in 1940 his brother Godfrey and his wife Connie, who were devout Christians, provided a home for his wife Elizabeth and their two small children at their home outside Norwich. (6) NT, 260. (7) NT, On 20 March 1944 she [Elizabeth] submitted a petition for the dissolution of her marriage. It was not contested by Patrick, and in due course a decree nisi was issued by the High Court on 18 December. 284. (8) NT, On 18 December a decree nisi was granted to Elizabeth Russ The judge awarded her custody of Richard, allowing Patrick drastically reduced access to his son: 'Three to four days during the Christmas holidays, Two days during the Easter holidays, and one day at school during each school term all such access to be during the daytime only.', 293. (9) DK, 'In May [1949?] Elizabeth Russ had married a widower named John Cowper le Mee-Power, an army veteran, a company executive, and the son of the director of a Ceylonese tea and rubber estate', 136. Name Index