16 Dec 2004                   

               Wife: Frieda Mary WICKSTEED    Married name Tolstoy-Miloslovsky  1 died at age: 82 
               Born: 4 Nov 1915           at 3 Bath Terrace, Instow, North Devon  
               Died: Mar 1998             in Perpignan  2
              Event: Autumn 1938          in probable first meeting with Patrick O'Brian  3
         Occupation: Sep 1939             joined London Auxiliary Ambulance Service  4
            Resided: Autumn 1942          in The Cottage, off Upper Cheyne Row, Chelsea  5
         Occupation: 1943                 Political Warfare Executive  6
             Father: Howard WICKSTEED 
             Mother: Frieda Mary HICKING 
Other spouse 2

            Husband: Dimitri Mihailovich, Count TOLSTOY 
            Married: 1934                 at Appledore  
           Divorced: May 1942             in London  7
               Born: 8 Nov 1912           in Moscow  
         Not living:                        
          Education:                      Wellington School  
          Education:                      Trinity College Cambridge  
         Occupation:                      Barrister-at-Law  
         Occupation: 1959                 QC  
            Resided: 1934                 at Orpington  8
        Description: 1936                 45 Courtfield Road, Kensington  9

          M Child 1: Nikolai TOLSTOY       age: 69 
               Born: 1935                   
             Spouse: Georgina UNKNOWN  b. 1950  
          F Child 2: Natasha TOLSTOY      
             Spouse: UNKNOWN  

(1) Shown as Wicksteed or Miloslovaska in Marriage Register to Richard 
(2) DK, 'In March 1998, Mary died in hospital in Perpignan', 389. 
(3) NT, 223. 
(4) NT, LAAS records do not preserve details of individual personnel .... the 
likelihood that my mother volunteered shortly after the declaration of war in 
September 1939. .... she chose Chelsea as the district in which to work. There 
she was attached to Station No. 22 at 18 Danvers Street, where she was issued 
with a uniform, gas mask, and steel helmet, and paid 2 for a six-day week. 241. 
(5) NT, 261, 275. 
(6) NT, In due course she joined him [Patrick] at Bush House. .... They served 
together in the French Section, which was headed by Dr Leslie Beck, a scholar of 
French literature. 279. 
(7) NT, My father somehow discovered that the couple were living together, and on 
May 12 1942 he tained a decree nisi in which Patrick was cited as co-respondent, 
the divorce being declared absolute in November. 256. 
(8) NT, My parents settled down in a picturesque fifteenth-century farmhouse at 
Orpington in Kent, 221. 
(9) NT, 221. 

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