14 Dec 2004                   

        Husband: Sidney Michael RUSS  other name: Mike O'BRIEN   died at age: 34 
           Born: 29 Mar 1909          Priory Road High Wycombe Bucks  1,2
           Died:  5 May 1943          over Dortmund  3
      Emigrated: Jun 1927             to Australia  4,5
          Event: 18 Mar 1943          wrote to his sister Olive  6
         Buried:                      in Reichswald Forest War Cemetery  7
      Education: Apr 1918             John Lyon School for Boys, Harrow  8
      Education: 1921- 1924           Shebbear College  9
     Occupation: 1924                 Menial employment in surveyor's estate office in the City  10
     Occupation: 1926                 General Strike - London Docks unloading refrigerated meat  11
     Occupation:                      Timber worker etc  12
       Military: 1941                 RAAF  13
       Military:                      Medals awarded  14
       Military: 18 Oct 1942          posted to Bournemouth with his RAAF squadron  15
       Military: May 1943             squadron moved to Binbrook, Lincs  15
         Father: Charles RUSS 
         Mother: Jessie Naylor GODDARD 

           Wife: Ivy Lavinia CABAN  died at age: 75 
        Married: 2 Apr 1930           in Bellingen NSW    his age: 21  her age: 18 16,17,18
           Born: 12 Apr 1911          in Bellingen NSW  2
           Died: 1987                 in Bellingen NSW  2
       Baptized: 21 May 1911          in C/E Parish Church, Raleigh NSW  2
       Religion:                      Church of England  2
      Education: 20 May 1918          Raleigh Public School  2
      Education: 17 Dec 1925          finished schooling for work  2
         Father: Ambrose Isaac CABAN 
         Mother: Mary Margaret JACKSON 

      M Child 1: Stanley Charles RUSS  age: 74 
           Born: 17 May 1930          in Repton NSW  19,2
        Resided: 2001                 in Urunga NSW  
         Spouse: Norma WORBOYS  b. 23 Mar 1934  d. 19 Jan 1991  
        Married: 23 Mar 1953          in Bellingen NSW  2
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(3) DK, 'in the early morning of 4 May 1943, Lancaster A4878 was shot down over 
Dortmund, Germany.  Among the seven-man crew, all of whom died, was thirty-four 
year old navigator Flying Officer Michael Russ', CWGC has 5 May, 95. 
(4) DK, 'In April 1927, Michael, fed up with the family and the bleak outlook in 
London, enrolled in the Dreadnought Scheme....that sent young men and women to 
Australia...in June Michael boarded a steamer for New South Wales', 42. 
(5) ABR, 'He had heard about something called "The Dreadnought Scheme", and came 
home one day to say he could no longer countenance the narrow confines of an 
office, let alone handle the overwhelming desperation and poverty so prevalent 
at the time; he had signed up for the Scheme, and was leaving for Australia. 
...the Dreadnought scheme, it turned out, had been started by Sir Allan Taylor 
of Sydney, to make use of the funds raised by the Australian Navy by 
subscription during the First War to build a Dreadnought battleship.  The war 
was over long before the project was completed, and the remaining funds were to 
be used to sponsor young people who wished to leave the U.K. and start new lives 
for themselves in a young Commonwealth country desperately short of labour', 25. 
(6) NT, On 18 March 1943 he wrote to his sister Olive, who had married and was 
living at Ilminster in Dorset, reporting that 'I have now at last met all my 
brothers adn sisters in England and am glad to have found the time and 
opportunity to do so. Though I have had to live on trains &buses to do it.', 
(7) Commonwealth War Graves Commission (www.cwgc.org), 'In Memory of SIDNEY 
Flying Officer 414506 Royal Australian Air Force 
who died on Wednesday, 5th May 1943. Age 32.     
Additional Information:      
Son of Charles and Jessie Naylor Russ, of Ealing, Middlesex, England.    

Commemorative Information    
Grave Reference/Panel Number: 3. A. 6.     
The cemetery is 5 kilometres south west of Kleve. From Kleve take the 
Hoffmannallee from the town centre, which becomes the Materbornerallee. This 
road enters Reichswald Forest and becomes the Grunewaldstrasse. Follow the 
directions for Gennep, and on entering Reichswald Forest the cemetery is 
situated 500 metres on the left.     
Historical Information:     
There are 7578   1939-1945 Commonwealth war 
casualties commemorated here. Of these 161 are unidentified. There are also 79 
Foreign National casualties commemorated in this site.'. 
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constructor & timber fettler, a bullock driver at Innisfail, Australia and a 
cane cutter in Queensland'. 
(13) DK, '[June 1940]  The following year, Mike, working as a timber contractor in 
Queensland, Australia, shaved several years off his age to qualify for the Royal 
Australian Air Force', 84. 
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Australian Service Medal 39-45, 105. 
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(16) DK, 'Mike was living the life of a scoundrel...He had previously impregnated 
a farmer's teenage daughter, married her a month before she gave birth to a son, 
Stanley Charles Russ, and then run out on them to Queensland', 54. 
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(18) ABR, 'Michael and I to Shebbear to complete our educations in a manner 
befitting the family name........Shebbear College was started by the Bible 
Christians as a school for the sons of ministers to prepare them for entry into 
that church...........It had been attended by my father and all six of his 
brothers', 18. 
(19) DK, 'Mike was living the life of a scoundrel in other ways too.  He had 
previously impregnated a farmer's teenage daughter, married her a month before 
she gave birth to a son, Stanley Charles Russ, and then run out on them to 
Queensland', 54. 

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