14 Dec 2004                   

           Wife: Olive Isobel RUSS  current name: Olive Elizabeth   died at age: 73 
           Born: 29 Aug 1906            1
           Died: 16 May 1980            
        Resided: 1924 - 1926          at 146 Kenilworth Court, Lower Richmond Road, Putney  2
   Confirmation: 1927                   3
        Resided: 1926                 at 54 Sutherland Avenue, Maida Vale  4
        Resided: 1929 [?]             with Bertha and Frank Welch  5
      Education: 1921                 Edgehill College, Devon  6
     Occupation: 1927                 Secretary  7
         Father: Charles RUSS 
         Mother: Jessie Naylor GODDARD 

        Husband: Reginald COLE  
        Married: 14 Mar 1929              her age: 22  8
           Died: 1985                   
     Occupation:                      Electronics Engineer Standard Telephones & Cables  

      M Child 1: John Alexander COLE  age: 73 
           Born: 12 May 1931            
     Occupation: 1957 - 1959 Nigeria as contract geophysicist  
         Spouse: Ann ROBINSON  
         Spouse: Marri ELSHOLZ  
      F Child 2: Daphne Olive COLE  age: 71 
           Born: 1933                   
         Spouse: Roy GRAIFF  
(1) DK, 'Olive followed in 1906', 20. 
(2) NT, 58. 
(3) DK, 'In preparing for the wedding, Olive decided to be baptized and confirmed 
in the Church of England  At the same time she anglicized to Elizabeth her 
middle name, Isobel - the name her brothers had found great mirth in teasing her 
about.  Her decision to change her name incensed Charles.  He refused to attend 
the wedding.', 41. 
(4) NT, 73. 
(5) NT, ..in the summer of 1929 ...for some time Olive, now twenty-three, had 
found life increasingly intolerable at home. ... Eventually Olive had become  
unable to continue suffering such indignities and privations and departed to 
live with her kindly Uncle Frank Welch and Aunt Bertha at their new home, a 
handsome country house set in five acres of grounds outside Pinner. 106. 
(6) NT, ..while the sisters Olive, Connie and Nora went to Edgehill College, a 
Methodist girls' boarding-school some fifteeen miles from Shebbear. 28. 
(7) DK, 'She joined Standard Telephones and Cables, Ltd in its Aldwych office and 
became the personal secetary of Sir Thomas Spencer, managing director.', 41. 
(8) DK, 'At Standard, she soon met and became engaged to Reginald Cole, an 
electronics engineer with a physics degree from Cambridge.  When Olive took 
'Reg', as he was called, to meet Charles and Zoe, her father heartily 
congratulated the couple on their impending nuptials but absolved himself from 
paying by quickly adding 'Oh, well, no doubt Frank Welch will organize the 
wedding'', DK [p20 US]: 'The boys had their own way of needling Olive, whose 
middle name was Isobel. 'Hello, Is-a-bell on a bicyle' they greeted her, never 
failing to get her goat.' 
Comment - MJH: we always shouted 'Is a bell necessary on a bicycle', 41. 

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