19 Dec 2001                   

        Husband: Johann Christian SCHROTH  

           Wife: Johanna Christina OPITZ  
           Born:                      Wurzen Germany ?  
           Died:                      Wurzen Germany ?  
     Occupation:                      Sawyer  

      M Child 1: Friedrich Christian SCHROTH  died at age: 65 
           Born: 10 Dec 1807          in Wurzen Germany  
           Died: 17 Feb 1873          in Wurzen Germany  
     Occupation:                      Sawyer/tannery owner  1
         Spouse: Christiane Henriette FELIX  b. 31 Mar 1808  d. 10 Mar 1888  
(1) Fritz Walter MULLER, Genealogy of Muller family, Frederick Christian 
SCHROTH - my motherly grandfather - has been a very keen businessman and has 
managed to make his firm a well-known one throughout Germany.  He was highly 
esteemed in public and was on the town council of Wurzen.  A curious incident 
took place when he was 40 years old. Viz: A gypsy girl told his fortune against 
his wishes that disaster would overcome him by the time he was 50.  And although 
he did not believe in the prediction, it bothered him considerably.  When on his 
fiftieth birthday he remarked to his wife he had reached 50 without the mishap 
just as he was going to bed.  At that moment he heard shouts and looked out to 
see his whole place of business (a large tannery) going up in smoke.  He found 
himself pennyless but with the help of friends started up again. (No fire 
Insurance those days). And in 2 or 3 years time his business was bigger than 
ever.  When he died he was a wealthy man and his firm "Wurzener Wollwasherie" 
had world renown fame. 

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