14 Dec 2004                   

           Wife: Elizabeth RUSS  age: 55 
           Born: 1949                 in Victoria BC  
        Resided: 2001                 in Toronto Ontario  
          Event: 1962                 met Patrick O'Brian  1
          Event: Summer 1989          met Patrick O'Brian twice  2
     Occupation:                      for 30 years paralegal  3
     Occupation: 2001                 Artist and gallery owner/operator  4
         Father: Arthur Bernard RUSS 
         Mother: Doris Violet HERBERT 
Other Spouse 2

        Husband: Thomas WOOD  

      M Child 1: Adam Russ WOOD  age: 29 
           Born: 1 Jul 1975           in Victoria BC  
        Resided: 2001                 in Toronto Ontario  5
     Occupation: 2001                 Advertising/graphic designer  5
      F Child 2: Katy Alison WOOD  age: 26 
           Born: 20 Jun 1978          in Victoria BC  
        Resided: 2001                 in Toronto Ontario  5
     Occupation: 2001                 Litigation support manager  6
(1) DK, 'Elizabeth, his [Barney] daughter, who had fond memories of her Uncle Pat 
from their first meeting fourteen years before in Paris, was hoping to see him in 
her upcoming visit to France', Liz has the date as 1962, 304. 
(2) Ind, "I also met him twice in the summer of 1989 in Collioure and I believe I 
am the last blood relative to see him alive". 
(3) Ind, "Dad was proud of that - looking in it as following in his legal 
(4) Ind, Elizabeth Russ is a graduate in fine arts of the Ontario College of Art 
and Design, and is the founder, owner and curator of Gallery 888.  She is an 
active artist who works mainly in watercolour and acrylic.  She established 
Gallery 888 in 1999 to fill a perceived need for additional venues for artists 
of merit who were at the early stages of their career, who did not have gallery 
(5) Ind. 
(6) Ind, "Inputting and coding data in CD Rom format for huge lawsuits in Canada 
- the legal thread continues". 
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