21 Mar 2002                   

       Husband: Cecil W Drew GODDARD  
          Born: 1874                 in Islington  1
       Resided:                      in USA  
    Occupation:                      Accountant with Seattle Cedar Lumber Co  2
    Occupation: before 1914          Accountant in gold mine in Hungary  3
        Father: Ernest GODDARD 
        Mother: Marie L UNKNOWN 

          Wife: Gwendolyn UNKNOWN  
       Married:                      in Canada  

     M Child 1: Ernest GODDARD  
          Died:                      in Seattle Washington  4
       Resided:                      in Seattle Washington  5
        Spouse: Louise UNKNOWN  
(1) Census 1881. 
(2) ABR, 77. 
(3) ABR, 79. 
(4) ABR, 241. 
(5) ABR, 'Ernest, imbued with a love of music from his early days, developed a 
fine tenor voice , and in fact sang lead roles with the Seattle Civic Opera for 
many years.  When I [ABR] arrived, he was in the throes of his first unfortunate 
divorce, and I believe went through a second before finding domestic harmony', 

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