1 Aug 2003                  

          Wife: Dorothy Amy MULLER    Nickname Dilly   died at age: 91 
          Born: 4 Feb 1912           in Brandon Manitoba  
          Died: 31 Jul 2003
      Resided: 1980                 in Spokane Washington  
       Resided: 2001                 in Spokane Washington  
        Father: Otto George MULLER 
        Mother: Emily RUSS 
Other Spouse 2

       Husband: C J SLIGAR     died at age: 39
          Born: 6 Jul 1913           in Spokane Washington  
          Died: Jun 1953               
        Father: Unknown SLIGAR 
        Mother: Vella UNKNOWN 

     M Child 1: Dorcy Jon SLIGAR  Formally known as Jon   age: 67 
          Born: 26 Aug 1935          in Spokane Washington  
       Resided:                      in Carmel California  
     Graduated:                      California State University  
     Graduated: 1960                 Ruskin College Oxford  
    Occupation:                      Sales representative and advertising manager J E Higgins Carmel Ca  
    Occupation: 1973                 Artist in Residence, Carmel by Sea California  1
        Spouse: Lisette RICHARDEAU  b. 28 Dec 1927  
       Married: 22 Feb 1958            
     F Child 2: Choral Gay SLIGAR  age: 51 
          Born: 18 Apr 1952          in Alameda California  
       Resided: 2001                 in La Quinta California  
    Occupation:                      Worked in obstetrics and gynaecology  
    Occupation:                      Proprietress of Caress Nail Salon and Full Spectrum Color/image consulting  
        Spouse: Thomas Craig SILVERMAN  b. 27 Jul 1949  
       Married: 12 Sep 1971            
      Divorced: 18 Apr 1984            
        Spouse: Richard Charles ENGSTROM  
       Married: 30 May 1987            
(1) Ind, Jon Sligar has been a Carmel-by-the-Sea "Artist in Residence" since 
1973. Before that, he taught fine art at his own art school in the San Francisco 
Bay Area. He attained a fine arts degree from a California State University, 
along with a Certificate from Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, in Oxford, 
He has exhibited in many fine art galleries including Gallerie Amsterdam, 
Classic Art Gallery, Simic Art Galleries, and Lisette's Gallery, all located in 
Carmel CA.  In 1993, Jon was awarded the "Mayor's Choice" award for his acrylic 
painting rendition of Carmel Beach in the Carmel Art Festival. 
Jon comes from a family of artists. His mother is a watercolorist. His 
grandfather, was a freelance commercial artist. In 1958, Jon married a Belgian 
artist, named Lisette. Lisette's father, Lucien Richardeau, was well known for 
his European and American landscapes. 
Jon is a "Contemporary California Impressionist."  He works from studies done on 
location, and then completes them at his Carmel studio. His medium is acrylic on 
canvas. His works range in size from 8" x 10"  to mural size. Jon's passion is 
to capture the beauty of Carmel, Big Sur, Carmel Valley, and the Monterey 
Peninsula on canvas. 
Jon believes that when he starts a painting, the vibrations of the work are 
already beginning to search out and connect with the person who will own it. He 
also believes that beautiful paintings bring light into the world of the 
Jon Sligar is now represented exclusively through the Carmel-by-the-Sea Gallery. 
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