20 Jul 2002                   

          Wife: Edith MULLER    died at age: 93 
          Born: 28 Jun 1902          in Germany  
          Died: 31 Jan 1996          in Regina Saskatchewan  1
     Emigrated: Sep 1905             to Brandon Manitoba  
       Resided: 1980                 in Regina Saskatchewan  
    Occupation: 1920's               worked at J.I. Case Regina  2
        Father: Otto George MULLER 
        Mother: Emily RUSS 

       Husband: Charles Bryan LYNCH     died at age: 76 
       Married: 9 Jul 1929           in Regina Saskatchewan  2
          Born: 11 Oct 1902            
          Died: 1979                   
    Occupation: 1930 [?]             bought law practice in Crane Valley  3

     M Child 1: John LYNCH  age: 64 
          Born: 6 Sep 1937           in Regina Saskatchewan  
        Spouse: Heather ERH  b. 29 Sep 1941  
       Married: 26 Aug 1961            
      Divorced: 30 Jun 1990            
        Spouse: Margaret LONG  b. 10 Jul 1942  
       Married: 5 Oct 1991             
(1) Newspaper, Wednesday, Jan 31, 1996, Mrs. Edith Lynch, age 93 years, late of 
Regina, Sask. Predeceased by her husband Charles in 1979:Mrs. Lynch is survived 
by one son, John (and his wife Margaret), Regina;two grandchildren:Greg and 
Collen (married to Marcel): Funeral service will be held on Friday February 2, 
1996 at 1:30 p.m. in Speers Funeral Chapel. Interment in Riverside Memorial 
Park. Arrangements in care of Speers Funeral Chapel and Crematorium Service. 

She traveled the journey before you, 
She has known all the cost of the way;
She paid out the price, to its fullness,  
That Motherhood only can pay.  
She loved when the world was against you, 
She hoped - when your hope sank and dies;  
She clung to your hand when the clinging  
Left scars in her heart,deep and wide.  
She labored - and loved - and was happy, 
For down deep in her kind heart she knew 
Your kindness and love would repay her 
For all that she did - just for you. 
(2) Carl Godfrey Muller, Autobiographical notes, (1973). 
(3) Carl Godfrey Muller, Autobiographical notes, (1973), 'Edith married Bryan 
Lynch about that time in Regina.  Later moving to Crane Valley where Bryan 
bought a law practice.  Later moving to Rouleau and then to Regina'. 

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