19 Aug 2007                   

            Husband: Carl Godfrey MULLER    Birth name Carl Gottfried 1 died at age: 87 
               Born: 16 Oct 1893          at 41 Auss. Dresdner Str. Chemnitz Germany  2,3
               Died: 23 Jul 1981          in Victoria Vancouver Island British Columbia  
          Emigrated: Sep 1905             to Brandon Manitoba  4
         Occupation: 1912                 keeping 180 pigs  5
         Occupation: 1918 - 1957          worked [not continuously] on railway CPR or CNR  6
         Occupation: 1934                 farming in Edenwold  7
            Resided: 1960 - 1981          in Victoria Vancouver Island British Columbia  8
              Event: 1965                 called on A B RUSS for legal advice  9
            Resided: 1918                 in Regina Saskatchewan  
            Resided: 1952 - 1957          in Vancouver  
            Resided: Apr 1957 - 1960      in Regina Saskatchewan  
             Father: Otto George MULLER 
             Mother: Emily RUSS 

               Wife: Nita RANDALL      died at age: 70 
            Married: Oct 1914             in Brandon Manitoba  10
               Born: 10 Jun 1894            
               Died: 2 Mar 1965           in Victoria Vancouver Island British Columbia  

          M Child 1: Walter George Godfrey MULLER       died at age: 63 
               Born: 22 Sep 1915          in Brandon Manitoba  
               Died: 12 May 1979          in Victoria Vancouver Island British Columbia  
             Spouse: Margery NEWTON  b. 22 Feb 1916  d. 11 Dec 1979  
          M Child 2: Carl Ralph MULLER      Nickname Paddy  died at age: 56 
               Born: 1 Mar 1917             
               Died: 30 Jul 1973          in Victoria Vancouver Island British Columbia  
     Cause of death:                      Cancer  8
            Resided: 1965                 in Victoria Vancouver Island British Columbia  
             Spouse: Mary Elizabeth IRVIN  b. 13 Jul 1921  d. 24 Feb 2001  
          M Child 3: Sydney William MULLER       died at age: 86 
               Born: 3 Mar 1921             
            Resided: 1964 [?]             in Victoria Vancouver Island British Columbia  
            Resided: 2004                 in Ottawa, Ontario  11
               Died: 15 Aug 2007          in Ottawa  12
           Military: to 1945              Dental Corps, RCAF in UK, India and Burma  12
         Occupation: post war             with Canadian Forces and NATO  12
         Occupation:                      Dental director Bruce, Grey and County Health Units  12
          Education:                      trained as a dentist [CD, DDS, DDPH]  12
           Cremated: 20 Aug 2007          in Ottawa  12
             Spouse: Winifred GEORGE  Nickname Win b. 16 Jun 1921  d. 23 Oct 1996  
          M Child 4: Allen Norman MULLER       died at age: 80 
               Born: 7 Jun 1926             
            Resided: 1961                 in Victoria Vancouver Island British Columbia  
               Died: before 2007            
             Spouse: Marjorie EAST  b. 29 Sep 1927  
     Event (family): 24 Apr 1996          family celebration for Golden Wedding  
            Married: 4 Apr 1946           in Winnipeg Manitoba  

(1) Emily Callaway, Day Book. 
(2) Carl Godfrey Muller, Autobiographical notes (1973), 'A fine big house, 
Colonial style, with a big garden.  At the rear was a Junk yard operated by my 
father, and also a smelter and a brick yard at that time.  We lived in a rather 
grand style then.  Two servants and horses and carriage'. 
(3) Emily Callaway, Day Book, 'also Carl Gottfried born Oct 16th 1893 at 41 
Auss Dresdenerstrasse, Chemnitz, Saxony'. 
(4) Carl Godfrey Muller, Autobiographical notes (1973), 'After about four days 
we arrived in Winnipeg and then Brandon at 6 am on Sept 5th (Labor Day) 1905'. 
(5) Carl Godfrey Muller, Autobiographical notes (1973), 'A short time after 
that Dad told me 'I got you some sows.'  I said 'How many?'  'You'll see' was 
the reply.  Presently 15 sows came, all due to have litters.  There were 
Yorkshires, Tamworths, Berkshires and one breed with a sharp nose, black and a 
wide belt round the middle.  They could go through any fence made.  We had a new 
fence put round the pig pasture, made by Nelson Hyde, an expert fence man, but 
they would just point their nose under the fence and they were through.  The 
first sow to have her young in a snow storm - at that 11 little belted pigs.  
After that there were more coming almost every day - at one count I had 180 pigs 
on the place and nothing much to feed them'. 
(6) Carl Godfrey Muller, Autobiographical notes (1973), 'I had at times railway 
men working with me and listened to the money they were making and so tried to 
hire on with the C.N.R.  Supt. Culiffe asked me how many children and advised me 
to stay where I was.  This was in 1916 and it was a poor crop year.  I did not 
realize how the work on the railway fluctuated from week to week.   However I 
tried again to hire on in 1918 and was accepted.  Passed the doctor and sent to 
Regina to work..........I worked on the Dayliner between Regina and Saskatoon 
until October '57 and then asked for my pension'. 
(7) Carl Godfrey Muller, Autobiographical notes (1973), 'So in the spring of 
1934 bought a farm at Edenwold so as to feed my family at least.  To go on 
relief was out of the question for me.  We moved there in April during a big 
dust storm so bad we would not see two feet ahead of the car at times'. 
(8) Carl Godfrey Muller, Autobiographical notes (1973). 
(9) ABR, 'Nearly 70 years later, that first grandson arrived in my office in 
Victoria, B.C., on some minor matter of law, involving keys to a property.  
Knowing that his mother's maiden name had been Russ, he was intrigued to find 
the name listed as a partner in the law firm to whom he had been directed by 
apparent chance.  The family resemblance was striking.  He looked so much like 
my brother Victor!', 3. 
(10) Carl Godfrey Muller, Autobiographical notes (1973), 'During the summer of 
1913 I met Mrs. Highgason's daughter Nita, who had just arrived from England.  
We became engaged and married in Oct. 1914'. 
(11) Ind, Erin Burgess. 
(12) Ottawa Citizen, MULLER, Sydney W. C.D., D.D.S., D.D.P.H. Died peacefully on 
August 15, 2007 at age 86. Served with the Dental Corps, Royal Canadian Air 
Force, during the Second World War in the United Kingdom, India and Burma. 
Served post-war with Canadian Forces and NATO. Former dental director for Bruce, 
Grey and Simcoe County Health Units. Beloved husband of the late Win Muller 
(George), father of Kim Muller of Elkford, B.C. and Laura Robin (Muller) of 
Ottawa and grandfather to five: Erin Burgess (Muller), Gregg Muller, Katrina 
Muller, Emily Robin and Jessica Robin. Predeceased by brothers Walter, Ralph and 
Allan. Special thanks to the wonderful staff at Central Park Lodge and Perley 
Rideau Veterans' Health Centre for the care and compassion given to him. A 
private family service to be held Monday, August 20 in Ottawa followed by 
cremation., notified by Erin Burgess. 
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