19 Dec 2001                   

        Husband: Fritz Walther MULLER  
           Born: 31 Jan 1874          in Chemnitz Saxony  
        Resided: 1940                 in Radebeul Saxony  
        Resided: Mar 1893             comes to London  1
        Resided: Summer 1893          in Stockwell  2
          Event: 13 Dec 1946          in Berlin  
     Occupation:                      Waste rubber merchant  
         Father: Carl Gottfried MULLER 
         Mother: Henrietta Louise SCHROTH 

           Wife: Frida Sidonie KILLGUSS  age: 124 
 Event (family): 1945                 observed the Dresden bombing  
           Born: 19 Feb 1877          in Chemnitz Saxony  

      M Child 1: Fritz Wilhelm MULLER  died at age: 19 
           Born: 17 Aug 1898            
           Died: 9 Apr 1918             
       Military:                      Active service Hanquest France  3
      M Child 2: Karl Alfred MULLER  died at age: 22 
           Born: 31 Jul 1899            
           Died: Aug 1922             drowned in the ocean  3
      M Child 3: William Joachim MULLER  age: 100 
           Born: 6 Jan 1901             
      M Child 4: Gert Walter MULLER  nickname: Bert   age: 93 
           Born: 21 Apr 1908            
          Event: 13 Dec 1946          in Berlin  
         Spouse: UNKNOWN  
 Event (family): 1945                 lost their house in the Dresden bombing  
      M Child 5: Hans Georg MULLER  died at age: 29 
           Born: 27 Mar 1912            
           Died: 17 Sep 1941          received 2 shots through the heart  
       Military:                      Active service Kiev  3
(1) Fritz Walter MULLER, Genealogy of Muller family, Just in the beginning of 
that year Otto had realized that the central office in London was a failure and 
that he was much more needed in Germany.  But he had bought a house on Cavendish 
road in London.  In that house May was born.  It was in March 93 that Otto came 
to Germany and not wishing to leave his London office unguarded he sent me to 
London, although I was only 19 years old then.  My task there was rather an ugly 
one.  Mr Russ had lent Otto that money against Bills of acceptance and whenever 
one of those bills fell due and Otto could not pay them I had to intercede and 
these affairs upset Mr.Russ very much, also myself. 
(2) Fritz Walter MULLER, Genealogy of Muller family, I moved to Stockwell and 
was the only man in the office then.  Otto wished me to stay there as many bills 
were coming due. 
(3) Fritz Walter MULLER, Genealogy of Muller family. 

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