Sally Fisher


HIGHGATE GALLERY 26 September - 6 October 2005
South Grove, Highgate, London N6

Sally Fisher divides her time between the contrasting environments of Muswell Hill and South Devon, and her professional life also involves a rich mix - of painting, working as a cartoonist and illustrator, teacher and writer on painting techniques.

As a cartoonist, Sally's illustrations accompany Jonathan Cainer's horoscope page, currently in the Daily Mail; she writes regularly in 'The Artist' magazine on painting and life drawing, subjects which she is passionately interested in teaching to her many students, some of whom come to her after finishing art school training and wanting to learn techniques not currently widely taught in more formal settings.

Sally Fisher's September 2005 article in 'The Artist' is on texture. Texture, light, colour, the elusiveness of the subject and the physical experience of painting - these are the issues which engage her in her own work.

Her subject matter encompasses urban and rural landscape, the figure, abstract and figurative images, and she uses acrylics, oils, watercolour and pastels. The work is diverse, although recognisably springing from one artist.

Sally's current vision is to set up The London School of Drawing and Painting, where traditional skills will be taught alongside an awareness of the contemporary. She even has dream premises in mind: Jersey House, near Kenwood House, which is on the market!

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