From	                                      Glasgow   about Spring 1882
F H Russ
Manufacturing Furrier	                      TO
68 & 74 Buchanan Street

My darling little Anne.
	It is such a long time since I have seen you, that you will not know me again when
you see me, I hear sometimes from Miss Robb that you are such a good girl and that 
you can eat Potatoes and Vegetables plenty of eggs and that you are a very good girl.
    Well I suppose you are always a very good girl, when you get all you want but now I 
hope you will really be a very good girl for Mr and Mrs Robb.  Miss Robb Mary and Jessie 
have been so very kind to you, in taking you away so that you should not get the fever.
It is so kind of them, and you must never forget it, and if we or you can be kind 
further [?] we must always do it and I am sure my little Anne will not forget that.
    Well next week, I think next Thursday April sixth [?] your Mama and all your little 
sisters and little Frank will come to see me, I suppose you would like to come too.  
Well then you better prepare yourself.
    Give my kind regards to al your kind friends and tell them, I am getting a little 
better, and I hope they are all quite well, and when you go to bed at night, don't 
forget to pray for your kind friends, and don't forget your loving Mama and Papa, and 
may God bless you.

Note: MJH - this was written on ofice stationery, presumably when FHR was in Ventnor in the 
Isle of Wight; evidence for this from the 1881 Census.  The inference has to be that he was