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If anyone likes chrysanthemums, have a look at these photos from Choral Engstrom and then visit this website!

Family photos have been arrange in Albums as set out below. There is an album for CCGR and for each of his children ; there are also albums for the children of Charles Russ and of Emily Muller [all where I have content available]. So you will need to know from which root your family starts to find relevant photos. The Album "Latest Additions" contains material that should also be in the correct folder - and will be deleted after 4 weeks - or so!

Latest Additions

Other Muller Families


Pauline Russ and
Hermann Edward Richard Winkler

Christian Charles Gottfried Russ Emily Muller
Pauline [Lena] Russ  

Edith Harte

Emil Russ

Percy Russ

Sidney Russ

Bertha Welch

Ernest Russ [Russell]

Albert Russ

Frederick Valentine Russ

William Russ

Frank Henry Russ
Henley Properties  

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